BGSU teacher-education program tops Ohio's economic impact


BGSU’s teacher education program makes the biggest economic impact of any public university in Ohio, according to a new report from the State University Education Deans (SUED). The College of Education and Human Development's economic impact is estimated at $14.4 million, the highest of all Ohio’s public institutions, for pre-kindergarten through Grade 12.

SUED used four factors in determining economic impact:

  • Average number of field experience hours in student teaching and early clinical experiences
  • Number of candidates in each experience
  • School district median salaries
  • Average number of teachers for the 2016-17 school year

Collectively, public universities with teacher-education programs delivered a total economic impact of $92.4 million during the 2016-17 academic year. Teacher candidates from state universities were placed in 514 public schools in all 88 Ohio counties.

“BGSU’s success in educating tomorrow’s teachers goes all the way back to 1910, when it was founded as a teacher-training institution,” said Dr. Dawn Shinew, dean of BGSU’s College of Education and Human Development. “Our success continues over a century later, when BGSU is one of the largest producers of teacher-education graduates in Ohio, and our graduates get paid more on average than any other graduates in the state.”  

Joseph Keferl, chair of SUED, emphasized the value and growing potential that Ohio’s public institutions offer current and future students. “Together we will ensure that Ohio’s learners receive a world-class education — coupled with the school and community-based supports necessary to produce engaged Ohio citizens, foster healthy communities and grow Ohio’s workforce and economic vitality.”

SUED is an association of deans from Ohio’s 13 public colleges of education. It works with the Ohio Department of Education, the Ohio Department of Higher Education, Ohio’s private teacher-preparation institutions, prekindergarten–Grade 12 school districts and other educational entities, including the Ohio Legislature.

Reflecting on BGSU’s position in leading economic impact for the state, Shinew said, “This is a win for BGSU, a win for Ohio schools and most certainly a win for students in communities all across Ohio: today, tomorrow and for years to come.”

Updated: 09/06/2018 11:29AM