BGSU seminars offer tools to help leaders succeed

BOWLING GREEN, O.—“Contextual Intelligence for Leadership Development,” half-day seminars offered by Bowling Green State University at its Levis Commons site, will help leaders learn to manage the business environment so their organizations can survive and succeed amid rapid change. The seminars, led by Dr. Matthew Kutz of BGSU’s College of Education and Human Development, will focus on leadership skills for medical and health, business and industry, and public administration professionals.

The Contextual Intelligence for Medical and Business Professionals seminar will be held Sept. 17. The Public Administrators seminar will be Oct. 8. Both run from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at BGSU at Levis Commons.

Contextual intelligence is the ability to recognize and analyze factors in the environment that may affect decision making. Anthony Mayo, director of the Leadership Initiative at Harvard Business school and author of “Their Time: The Great Business Leaders of the 20th Century,” says that leaders “who were successful over a long period of time were contextually intelligent. They understood the context of their time, how to grow a business, find a new market opportunity and see some possibility others thought was dormant or dying.”

BGSU’s Contextual Intelligence seminars will give participants the opportunity to assess their own contextual intelligence as well as learn the 12 specific behaviors associated with contextual intelligence. Enhanced contextual intelligence can help leaders sustain and increase influence, make better decisions, reduce interpersonal conflict and misunderstanding, and effectively transfer skills to new contexts. Kutz adds, "Contextual intelligence is an essential leadership competency in today's rapidly changing environment. The seminar will teach you what to be alert to and the specific skills needed to be contextually intelligent."

Kutz, an assistant professor, is also an organizational consultant, author and leadership researcher. He has written extensively on the topic of leadership and has been published in several scholarly and professional journals. He has taught leadership development at a variety of organizations. Jeffrey Taylor, vice president of sales for HealthPro Inc., describes Kutz as “a gifted leader and passionate communicator. His concept of contextual intelligence is truly cutting edge and has the real potential to increase your influence and positively change the way you practice leadership and develop leaders.”
Each half-day seminar is $199 per person and includes a personal Contextual Intelligence Profile™. For group rates, contact Sara Smith at 419-372-7870 or For more information or to register, visit or call 419-372-8181.


(Posted August 17, 2010 )

Updated: 12/02/2017 01:06AM