This learning community is offered through the Honors College. The Honors College is a small, intentional community of high achieving students - exceptional scholars who embody academic excellence. Learn about the Honors College and more ways you can engage with this exciting, strong community. 

Honors Learning Community

The Honors Learning Community (HLC) is a place of residence for those who wish to extend the student experiences via specialized programs, trips, and resources. The HLC represents an educationally motivated community that fosters academic excellence, critical thinking, and close interaction with high-achieving peers. It is strongly recommended but not mandated for Honors students to live in the Honors Learning Community.

The HLC is offered through the Honors College.


Important Information

  • First Two Years | $200 *
  • Last Two Years | $75 *
  • Home | Founders Hall

* Fees per semester

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Our Mission

The mission of the HLC is to create a seamless educational environment that supports the goals of the Honors College. We do this by providing activities outside of the classroom that help you develop your critical thinking, civic engagement, integrative learning, and intercultural knowledge skills. 

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Founders Hall

Residential Requirements

  • First Year | Yes
  • Second Year+ | No

*Fees are per semester.

About the Community

HLC students live in a diverse population in Founders Hall along with other highly ambitious and motivated students. Students work, live, and hang out together to ease the transition to college life while supporting each other throughout the honors program.

Residential Requirement

The Honors Learning Community (HLC) is a popular option among both new and returning Honors College students. Honors College students are not required to live in the HLC. Those enrolled in the HLC after their first year at BGSU can live anywhere, including Founders Hall.

Students who are members of the HLC must room with someone who is also a member of the community. Want to live with your friend who is not admitted into the Honors College? Have them apply to be a member of the HLC and you can be roommates.

Founders Hall

Founders Hall houses nearly 600 residents and offers air-conditioned single rooms with a shared in-room bathroom and six-person suite-style rooms.

Please note: Students accepted into the Honors College will be given priority for enrollment in the HLC. Those who are not admitted to the Honors College will be admitted to the HLC as long as space is available.

The Atmosphere

HLC members describe the environment as friendly, relaxed, supportive, respectful, and fun. Our living-learning community is comprised of academically talented students, staff, and faculty. We offer social, cultural, and intellectual events to enhance the BGSU campus experience. 

Community Highlights

  • Direct access to Honors College faculty and staff
  • Free access to computers, wifi, classroom, the Honors Den, and book discussions
  • Connect with the community through civic and service involvement
  • Partner with campus resources and organizations across campus
  • Engage in compelling discussions to inform your perceptions of the world through rigorous analysis, diverse perspectives, and respectful debate

Engaging Experiences

  • Participate in fully-funded local and regional overnight trips! Past trips have included Chicago, IL; Louisville, KY, Stratford, Ontario and other regional locations
  • Attend plays, museums, musicals, and local community events
  • Engage in book discussions
  • Enjoy peer-to-peer discussions, Honors faculty symposiums, and nationally-recognized speaker forums

How To Apply

Each community has a set of residence hall rooms specifically designated for them. To sign up for one of these rooms, you must apply and be accepted into the community. To ensure your chance to live in the community, please review the following information.

Applying as a new, first-year student:

To apply to be a member of the HLC you will need to access the MyBGSU web portal. It is necessary for HLC members to live in Founders Hall and to be a member of the Honors College. Because of this, you must enroll in the HLC, sign up for campus housing, and apply to the Honors College in separate steps.

Step 1
Complete your housing application
Step 2 Apply here and login with your BGSU username and password
Step 3 Click on Add a New Community Enrollment Request and choose your desired community and academic year/term
Step 4 Once you have requested enrollment, please ensure that you have taken the proper steps to preference (New Students) or sign up for housing (Returning students wishing to live on campus).
Step 5        
If you haven't already done so, please also submit your Honors College Application here.

Additional Information:

If you're an incoming student in the process of applying to the Honors College, please do not wait for acceptance into the College to sign up for the Honors Learning Community. Those accepted into the Honors College will be given priority for the HLC. Those who are not admitted to the Honors College will be admitted to the HLC as long as space is available.

Returning Students can choose their preferred room during the Returning Student Housing Process during the spring semester.

Please Note: Not all who apply to the HLC will be admitted. Space is limited and fills quickly.

founders 7985

“A healthy social life is found only when in the mirror of each soul the whole community finds its reflection, and when in the whole community the virtue of each one is living.” ~ Rudolf Steiner

Welcome to the Honors Learning Community! We are a welcoming and uplifting community that values academic vigor, critical thinking, and enriching experiences. The events, opportunities, and trips organized by the HLC nurture a close-knit environment where participants thrive. Engage with a diverse group of high-achieving peers! Together we learn from each other's experiences and cultivate a deeper understanding of self and the world around us.   

Meaningful Experiences

Membership in the Honors Learning Community includes access to participate in fully-funded local and regional overnight trips. These enriching outings often feature attending plays, musicals, museums, and community events. Immerse yourself in intellectually stimulating activities, forge lasting friendships with like-minded peers, and expand your horizons through engaging discussions and hands-on learning opportunities. Whether it's exploring cultural landmarks, participating in thought-provoking cast talk-backs after a theatrical production, or simply enjoying the camaraderie of fellow scholars, our trips offer a unique blend of academic enrichment and memorable experiences. Don't miss out on this chance to broaden your perspectives and enhance your academic journey. Join our next HLC trip and let the adventure begin!

Past trips and experiences have included:

Stratford, Ontario

In early fall semester, embark on an incredible journey to Stratford, Canada to experience their renowned festival featuring both Shakespearean and contemporary theatrical productions! Witness two shows, enjoy a cast talk-back, explore the city, learn international travel tips, and create lifelong memories.

Chicago, IL

Enjoy a weekend in the Windy City during fall semester! This trip itinerary typically includes a theatre performance, a renowned Chicago museum, and a show at the Second City Comedy Club. From our convenient location in a hostel downtown, participants are provided a transportation pass and strategies to begin navigating additional attractions more independently during free time as well. This is a great opportunity to foster HLC friendships while gaining confidence in travel skills!

Various Locations

In lieu of participating in the HLC sponsored overnight trips, students who choose to participate in a bGAG sponsored alternative break will be able to get sponsored through the HLC for up to $200.

Toledo, OH

The HLC watched the Toledo Mud Hens take on the Louisville Bats at Fifth Third Field and enjoyed a grand firework show after the game! The Mud Hens play in the International League and are affiliated with the Detroit Tigers franchise of Major League Baseball.

Make HLC your Community

Live in an engaged community where celebrates intellectual curiosity and collaboration! Through tailored programs and resources, we empower members to excel academically, socially, and personally. The HLC enriches the BGSU experience and extends the mission of the Honors College through diverse programming opportunities and experiences. Together, we aspire to foster a culture of lifelong learning, leadership, and service.

Schedule a Visit

Deciding which college or university to attend is an important decision. Before you make your choice, consider all of the options available to you.  

Schedule a visit with the Honors College to explore the benefits, meet a staff member, and take a tour of our learning community.  

Individual visits may be scheduled by e-mailing us at honors@bgsu.edu or by contacting us at 419-372-8504.


Returning students are not required to live in Founders Hall in order to participate in the HLC. Membership during one year does not guarantee membership in a future year. Returning HLC students will be provided information annually regarding housing and enrollment steps.

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