Future Students


Connect with Honors Online

During COVID-19, we are here for you to learn more about the Honors College virtually.  Speak with current students, watch presentations, and set up individualized meetings to learn more about BGSU Honors.

Virtual Honors

"BGSU is an easy place to become the best version of yourself...I feel like a better person because I have been exposed to different people and experiences.  There is a place for everyone here at BGSU, and if you don't find it you can create it."

- Marjorie Williams '16

Honors College Basics

  • 20% of your courses will be Honors Courses
  • Over 60 Honors courses are offered each semester
  • Honors courses have a limit of 25 students in each class
  • 95% of surveyed honors students felt that most faculty at BGSU were friendly and helpful
  • Courses focus on critical thinking
  • 11 student organizations specific to Honors
  • 78% of surveyed honors students participated in a social club, fraternity, or sorority                                 



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