Tested Experience

Using Tested Experience as a Basis for Determining Minimally Qualified Faculty

Tested experience may substitute for an earned credential or portions thereof. Assumed Practice B.2. allows an institution to determine that a faculty member is qualified based on experience that the institution determines is equivalent to the degree it would otherwise require for a faculty position. This experience should be tested experience in that it includes a breadth and depth of experience outside of the classroom in real-world situations relevant to the discipline in which the faculty member would be teaching. (Note: Tested experience, as is explained in the following section on dual credit, is typically not based exclusively on years of teaching experience, although other experiential factors as noted below may be considered on a case-by-case basis.)

The value of using tested experience to determine minimal faculty qualifications depends upon the relevance of the individual faculty member’s experience both to the degree level and to the specific content of the courses the faculty member is teaching. An institution that intends to use tested experience as a basis for hiring faculty must have well-defined policies, procedures and documentation that demonstrate when such experience is sufficient to determine that the faculty member has the expertise necessary to teach students in that discipline. In their policies on tested experience as a basis for hiring faculty members, institutions are encouraged to develop faculty hiring qualifications that outline a minimum threshold of experience and a system of evaluation. Tested experience qualifications should be established for specific disciplines and programs and could include skill sets, types of certifications or additional credentials, and experiences. Documented qualifications would ensure consistency and transparency in hiring and human resources policies. The faculty hiring qualifications related to tested experience should be reviewed and approved through the faculty governance process at the institution—a step that should be highlighted for peer review teams, as appropriate.

Please click here for the BGSU Tested Experience Faculty Qualification Form – Undergraduate

Please click here for the BGSU Tested Experience Faculty Qualification Form – Graduate


1. Click on the link above to initiate Bowling Green State University (BGSU) tested experience faculty qualification process.  Please use the appropriate link for undergraduate or graduate faculty of record.  (Note:  If the request is for both undergraduate and graduate subject areas, please complete two separate forms).  You may also copy and paste the following address in Google Chrome:

2. Enter BGSU SSO Username and Password

3. First Name and Last Name of the College Dean/Associate Dean. Click on Name to populate the fields. Click on "Create" to start workflow process. Note: An email will be sent to the Department Chair or School Director initiating the workflow.

4. Department Chair or School Director will check their BGSU Outlook for an email from BGSU Office of Institutional Effectiveness. Open email and click on BGSU Tested Experience Faculty Qualification Form or Review and Sign.

5. Sign into AdobeSign using your BGSU email address and click "Continue".

6. Enter your SSO Username and Password to sign-in and access the BGSU Tested Experience Faculty Qualification Form.

7. Complete the BGSU Tested Experience Faculty Qualification Form, attach supporting documentation (In the tested experience memo of intent/rationale letter, the Department Chair/School Director should include the course description(s) of the course(s) they are requesting the instructor to teach), review and sign. Completed/signed forms will be routed for review and signature as follows:

  • College Dean/Associate Dean 
  • Vice Provost for Academic Affairs (Undergraduate faculty of record) or Vice Provost and Dean, Graduate and Professional Programs (Graduate faculty of record)
  • Provost/SVP for Academic & Student Affairs

8. Office of Institutional Effectiveness staff member will assign CIP code(s) and sign. Note: An email with the completed BGSU Tested Experience Faculty Qualification Form will be automatically sent to all parties listed on the agreement.


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