Enrollments/No Primary Instructor

Procedures for Courses with Enrollments, but no Primary Instructor

Primary Instructor
The name of the Primary Instructor teaching the course needs to be entered into the course registration system.  The Primary Instructor is the Instructor of Record and is responsible for the following:
    Building the syllabus for the course,
    Creating assessments of student learning, and
    Assigning final grades to students.

The Primary Instructor (Instructor the Record) must meet Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE) faculty qualifications criteria.

Data Report
The Office of Institutional Research will distribute (via email) data reports with enrollments but no Primary Instructor to the Office of Institutional Effectiveness.  It is the responsibility of the academic unit to ensure that the Primary Instructor’s information is added to the registration system.

The data report will include the following information:
    College and Department
    Course ID #
    Subject/Catalog#/Class Section
    Method of Instruction

The Office of Institutional Research will email the initial data report and all subsequent data reports each semester as follows:
    Two weeks before classes begin
    Two to three days before classes begin
    One week after classes begin
    Two weeks after classes begin

Note: eCampus will follow the same communication process mentioned above. However, for the 2nd 8-week eCampus session, data reports will be emailed prior to the beginning the session.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Institutional Effectiveness at institutionaleff@bgsu.edu

Updated: 02/15/2022 02:43PM