University Policies

The Office of General Counsel is responsible for the housing of all university policies. The policies found on this website are the “official version.” In the event a party wants to create a new policy or change an existing policy, the policy must be reviewed and approved by the Cabinet. The following is a checklist to assist in the policy process. There is also a policy on policy development located under Governance. 3341-1-5. The policy template may be requested by contacting the Office of General Counsel. The template is required to draft a policy. Once the policy has been reviewed and approved for changes or addition by the Cabinet, the policy shall be sent to the Office of General Counsel for formatting and filing. The policy will be posted on the website under university policies and sent to the state for filing pursuant to Senate Bill 3.

Recently Amended Policies

Policy Number

Name of Policy

Brief Description of Amendment
3341-8-3 Student-Athlete Compensation Creates a process for student-athletes to contract and be paid for the commercial use of their name, image & likeness.  
Freedom of Expression Revised to include language prohibiting harassment that is consistent with the FORUM Act. Other definitions in the policy clarified to align with those established by the FORUM Act.  


Delegation of Contract and Signatory Authority

The Delegation of Contract and Signature Authority policy has been revised to more clearly identify the specific administrative positions with the limited authority to execute contracts on behalf of BGSU. Position titles have been updated.

3341-1-1 Bylaws of the Board of Trustees Board of Trustees Bylaws were amended to provide consistency with the appointment cycles for National Trustees.  
3341-6-28 Investments This policy was updated to amend the portfolio range.
3341-2-49 Anti-Hazing Policy

This standalone policy replaces the anti-hazing prohibitions of the Code of Student Conduct. It was adopted to align clearly with Ohio’s new anti-hazing law (Collin’s Law). 

3341-6-38 Purchasing

The recently updated purchasing policy establishes a new competitive bidding threshold for construction projects, increases the asset capitalization threshold and changes grants procurement requirements. In addition to these updates, conflict of interest protocols and Ohio Ethics Law requirements are further defined. 

3341-2-41 Title IX 

The Title IX Sexual Harassment Policy has been revised for clarity and to improve the processes used. The principal revisions include: providing additional definitions, designating more mandatory reporters, reflecting the role of Equity and Compliance, better defining the processes used for employee respondents, and allowing the parties to choose a single decision-maker hearing option.

3341-2-28 Code of Student Conduct

The entire Code of Student Conduct is now in this single policy, combining several prior policies into one document.  Changes to the Code also include: updated definitions of prohibited conduct, an option allowing the respondent to choose a single decision-maker in a formal hearing, more explicit procedural guidance, and a broader list of possible sanctions.

3341-5-13 Employee Fee Waiver Revised to reflect changes to the fee reciprocity agreement with the University of Toledo

Policies Amended Since 6/01/2021


Division of Student Affairs

Policy NumberName of PolicyResponsible Office
3341-2-1AddressesRegistration and Records
3341-2-2Advertisement (posters, notices, handbills, fliers, banners, yard signs and electronic media)Campus Activities
3341-2-4BathroomsResidence Life
3341-2-9ConsumptionCampus Activities
3341-2-10Department of Recreation and Wellness Food & Drink Concessions, Merchandise Sales, and SponsorshipRecreation and Wellness
3341-2-11Event ManagementCampus Activities
3341-2-12Fire SafetyResidence Life
3341-2-14Fund Raising, Solicitation, and Sales Rules for Student OrganizationsCampus Activities
3341-2-15General Rules for University ResidenceResidence Life
3341-2-16Guest SpeakersCampus Activities
3341-2-17Housing Acceptance AgreementResidence Life
3341-2-18Housing AssignmentsResidence Life
3341-2-20Jurisdiction of the UniversityDean of Students
3341-2-21Keys PEDS and Bathroom CodesResidence Life
3341-2-22Late Night EventsCampus Activities
3341-2-23LaundryResidence Life
3341-2-24Organizational ResponsibilityDean of Students
3341-2-25Parental NotificationDean of Students
3341-2-26Personalizing Your Living SpaceResidence Life
3341-2-27Political CampaigningDean of Students/Office of Residence Life
3341-2-28Code of Student ConductDean of Students
3341-2-29Residential MaintenanceResidence Life
3341-2-30Residential Network Responsible UseResidence Life Information Technology Services
3341-2-32Room CheckoutResidence Life
3341-2-33Room EntryResidence Life
3341-2-35Student Organization Allocation Board PolicyCampus Activities
3341-2-36Student OrganizationsCampus Activities
3341-2-37Student Rights and Responsibilities PolicyDean of Students
3341-2-38Student TravelCampus Activities
3341-2-40Student Organizations Contracting
Dean of Students
3341-2-41Title IX Sexual HarassmentOffice of Title IX
3341-2-42Service Animal and Assistance Animal Policy
Accessibility Services
3341-2-43Medical AmnestyStudent Affairs
3341-2-44Student Organization TravelStudent Affairs  
3341-2-45BGSU Freedom of Expression
Student Affairs
3341-2-46Clean Air & Smoking PolicyStudent Affairs
3341-2-47Accommodating Student PregnancyDiversity and Belonging
3341-2-48Chosen NameRegistration and Records 
3341-2-49Anti-Hazing PolicyOffice of the Provost

Academic Affairs

Policy NumberName of Policy
Responsible Office
3341-3-1Academic Progress, Probation, Dismissal – GraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-2Advanced Undergraduates – GraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-3Appeals policies – GraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-4Background Checks – GraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-5Credit Transfer – GraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-6Doctoral Requirements – GraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-7Enrollment and Registration – GraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-8Financial Information and Assistance – GraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-9Grading Policies – GraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-10Admissions – GraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-11Graduate Faculty Status – GraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-12Graduation Application and Minimum Registration – GraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-13Health Insurance – GraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-14International Teaching Assistant Language Policy – GraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-15Leave of Absence – GraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-16Master's degree - General Requirements – GraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-17Posthumous Awarding Of A Graduate Degree – GraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-18Student Research – GraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-20Thesis/Dissertation – GraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-21Time Limits for Degree and Revalidation – GraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-22Transcripts – GraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-23Academic Forgiveness for Undergraduates – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-24Academic HonestyAcademic Affairs
3341-3-25Academic Honors – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-26Academic Load and Undergraduate Enrollment Status – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-27Admission to BGSU – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-28Admission to BGSU Firelands – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-29Advanced Placement and College Credit Plus – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-30Advanced Standing – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-31Associate Degree Programs – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-32Audit – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-33Baccalaureate Degree Programs – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-34BG Perspective (General Education Curriculum) – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-35Changing Undergraduate colleges, majors or degree programs within BGSU – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-36Classification of Undergraduate Students – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-37Concurrent Enrollment – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-38Undergraduate Credit by Examination – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-39Disbursement of Student Financial Aid – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-40Dropping, Adding and Changing the Grading Option – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-41FERPA Rights  Academic Affairs
3341-3-42Financial Aid Packaging – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-43First Day Attendance Policy – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-44Foreign Language Undergraduate Admission Requirement – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-45General Library Use Policy – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-46Grading Policies – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-47Guest Undergraduate Students – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-48International Students – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-49Music Library Copyright Restrictions – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-50Registration for Undergraduate Classes – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-51Repeated Coursework, Enrollment Status and Financial Aid – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-52Retaking an Undergraduate Course – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-53Revision of a Financial Aid Award Package – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-54Satisfactory Academic Progress and Financial Aid – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-55Scholarship Appeal – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-56Student Appeals – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-57Transfer Admissions – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-58Transfer Credit – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-59Catalog Policies – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-60University Libraries Collection Policies – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-61University Libraries Gift Policy – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-62University Library Privacy and Confidentiality Policy – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-63Unsatisfactory Academic Progress – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-64Withdrawal from the University – UndergraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-65Credit By Examination – GraduateAcademic Affairs   
3341-3-66Accelerated Bachelor's to Master's Program – GraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-67Grade Replacement – GraduateAcademic Affairs
3341-3-68Non-degree-seeking students under eighteen years of age requesting to enroll in an Education Abroad ProgramInternational Programs and Partnerships
3341-3-69Academic Forgiveness for Graduate Students - GraduateOffice of the Provost   
3341-3-70Selection of Textbooks and Other Instructional MaterialsOffice of the Provost
3341-3-71Device Travel and Data SecurityOffice of the Provost
3341-3-72Master’s degree – Dual Specializations – GraduateGraduate College
3341-3-73Master’s degree – Second Master’s Degree - GraduateGraduate College
3341-3-74Master’s degree – Dual Master’s DegreesGraduate College

3341-4 – Policies are now incorporated into Human Resources

Human Resources

Policy NumberName of PolicyResponsible Office
3341-5-2Acting/Interim AppointmentHuman Resources
3341-5-3Administrative Staff Compensation PolicyHuman Resources
3341-5-4Administrative Staff NoticeHuman Resources
3341-5-5Administrative Staff Performance-Based Merit SystemHuman Resources
3341-5-6Staff Company Seniority Date and Vacation Benefits Service DateHuman Resources
3341-5-7Consensual Amorous Relationship PolicyOffice of the Provost
3341-5-8Contact with State/Federal Legislators and Governmental Agencies PolicyHuman Resources
3341-5-9Dependent Fee WaiverHuman Resources
3341-5-10Disability/Reasonable Accommodation PolicyHuman Resources
3341-5-11Disciplinary PolicyHuman Resources
3341-5-12Drug Free Workplace and Reasonable Suspicion Protocol PolicyHuman Resources
3341-5-13Employee Fee WaiverHuman Resources
3341-5-15Leave Without PayHuman Resources
3341-5-16Military Leave Duty
Human Resources
3341-5-17NepotismHuman Resources
3341-5-18Leave BankHuman Resources
3341-5-19Performance Evaluation Non-represented Employees
Human Resources
3341-5-20Personal Leave PolicyHuman Resources
3341-5-21Pre-Employment Background ChecksHuman Resources
3341-5-22Religious AccommodationHuman Resources
3341-5-23Resignation and Exit InterviewHuman Resources
3341-5-24Political ActivityHuman Resources
3341-5-25SolicitationHuman Resources
3341-5-26Stand-by PayHuman Resources
3341-5-27Alcohol and controlled Substance Policy for Employees with Commercial Driver LicenseHuman Resources
3341-5-28Violence in the WorkplaceHuman Resources
3341-5-29Pay Transaction Policy for Classified StaffHuman Resources
3341-5-30Independent Contractors PolicyHuman Resources
3341-5-32Bonus Policy
Human Resources
3341-5-38Sexual HarassmentHuman Resources
3341-5-39By-Invitation AppointmentsHuman Resources
3341-5-40Parental LeaveHuman Resources
3341-5-41Non-Discrimination in Employment and EducationHuman Resources
3341-5-42TelecommutingHuman Resources
3341-5-43Reduction in Workforce for Classified EmployeesHuman Resources

Finance and Administration

Policy NumberName of PolicyResponsible Office
3341-6-1Accident ReportingFinance and Administration
3341-6-2AlcoholFinance and Administration
3341-6-3Use of Amplified Sound on University PremisesFinance and Administration
3341-6-4Athletic/Bowl Game Travel and Entertainment Related
Finance and Administration
3341-6-5Authorization and Award of Capital Construction ProjectsFinance and Administration
3341-6-6BGSU E-Mail AccountFinance and Administration
3341-6-7BGSU Information TechnologyFinance and Administration
3341-6-8Business Entertainment ExpenseFinance and Administration
3341-6-9Campus ID CardFinance and Administration
3341-6-10Cancellation of Student Class Schedule (De-Registration)Finance and Administration
3341-6-11Cash AdvanceFinance and Administration
3341-6-12Cash Collection and Handling PolicyFinance and Administration
3341-6-13Cell Phone ReimbursementFinance and Administration
3341-6-14Cellular ServicesFinance and Administration
3341-6-16Commercialization of BGSU ProductsFinance and Administration
3341-6-17Concealed WeaponsFinance and Administration
3341-6-18Data Use and ProtectionFinance and Administration
3341-6-19Debt PolicyFinance and Administration
3341-6-20Electronic SignaturesFinance and Administration
3341-6-21Faculty and Staff EmailFinance and Administration
3341-6-22Financial Responsibility of Personal PropertyFinance and Administration
3341-6-23Policy on Firearms, Deadly Weapons, and Dangerous
Finance and Administration
3341-6-24Reporting Fraud, Waste, or Abuse of University ResourcesFinance and Administration
3341-6-25Garnishment of WagesFinance and Administration
3341-6-26Holds on Student Delinquent AccountsFinance and Administration
3341-6-27Institutional MembershipsFinance and Administration
3341-6-28InvestmentsFinance and Administration
3341-6-29ITS Computer Lab UtilizationFinance and Administration
3341-6-30ITS Facility RentalFinance and Administration
3341-6-31Key IssuanceFinance and Administration
3341-6-33My VPNFinance and Administration
3341-6-34Policy Regarding Parking RegulationsFinance and Administration
3341-6-36“Persona Non Grata” Status for Campus VisitorsFinance and Administration
3341-6-38Purchasing, Sales, and Disposal of University Property and Asset ControlFinance and Administration
3341-6-39Sensitive Data PrivacyFinance and Administration
3341-6-40Bicycles, Skateboards, and other Personal Conveyance VehiclesFinance and Administration
3341-6-41Social Networking Media PolicyFinance and Administration
3341-6-42Space and Facilities Reservations Including Use of Campus
Finance and Administration
3341-6-43Student EmailFinance and Administration
3341-6-44Tax Exemption CertificatesFinance and Administration
3341-6-45Time ReportingFinance and Administration
3341-6-46University Food Service PolicyFinance and Administration
3341-6-47University Travel ExpenseFinance and Administration
3341-6-48University Vehicle UseFinance and Administration
3341-6-49BGSU Web Privacy PolicyThe Vice President for Finance and Administration
3341-6-50Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drones and Model Aircraft)Finance and Administration
3341-6-51Individual Membership Payment PolicyFinance and Administration
3341-6-52Acceptable Use of Foundation FundsUniversity Advancement
3341-6-53Information System & Database Decommissioning PolicyFinance and Administration
3341-6-54Programs and Activities with Minor ParticipantsRisk Management
3341-6-55Click-Through Contracts for SoftwareFinance & Administration
3341-6-56Theft Prevention Policy (Red Flag Rules)The Vice President for Finance and Administration and Chief Financial Officer
3341-6-57Web AccessibilityVice President for Student Affairs
Vice President for Finance and Administration
Vice President for Marketing and Brand Strategy

Research and Economic Development

Policy NumberName of PolicyResponsible Office
3341-7-1Conflict of Interest in Sponsored Programs & ResearchResearch & Economic Development
3341-7-2CopyrightResearch & Economic Development
3341-7-3Patent PolicyResearch & Economic Development
3341-7-4Research Faculty Administrator Research StipendResearch & Economic Development
3341-7-5Research MisconductResearch & Economic Development
3341-7-6CommercializationResearch & Economic Development
3341-7-7Protection of Human SubjectsResearch & Economic Development
3341-7-8Protection of Vertebrate AnimalsResearch & Economic Development
3341-7-9Use of Controlled Substances in ResearchResearch & Economic Development


Policy NumberName of PolicyResponsible Office
3341-8-1Concussion Management PolicyIntercollegiate Athletics/Director of Athletics
3341-8-2Courtesy Car
Intercollegiate Athletics/Director of Athletics
3341-8-3Student-Athlete Compensation for Use of Name, Image, and Likeness Department of Intercollegiate Athletics 

Development and Advancement Policies

Policy NumberName of PolicyResponsible Office
3341-9-1Foundation Charity and Scholarship DonationsUniversity Advancement
3341-9-2NamingUniversity Advancement
3341-9-3University Libraries GiftUniversity Advancement
3341-9-4FundraisingUniversity Advancement

Marketing and Brand Strategy Policies

Policy NumberName of PolicyResponsible Office
3341-10-1The BGSU LogoMarketing and Brand Strategy
3341-10-2BGSU SignatureMarketing and Brand Strategy
3341-10-3Logotype and GraphicsMarketing and Brand Strategy
3341-10-4The Official Identity ColorsMarketing and Brand Strategy
3341-10-5OMCMarketing and Brand Strategy
3341-10-6Web IdentityMarketing and Brand Strategy