Hazardous Waste

The hazardous waste program is in accordance with 40 CFR 261 and 3745-50 through 52 OAC. In addition, BGSU strives to minimize hazardous waste production and to ensure that all hazardous waste that is generated and disposed of in the proper manner. This also includes labeling, storage, and transfer of waste.

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BGSU encourages the recycling of batteries, lamps, and ballasts to strive to minimize waste and to do so in a proper manner. This program outlines the procedures to recycle batteries, lamps, and ballasts accordingly.

Batteries, Lamps, and Ballasts Safety Recycling and Disposal Program


Laboratories or operations that generate biohazardous or infectious waste are required to follow the Bowling Green State University procedures to ensure safe use, generation, and disposal of such products. Additional support for research involving recombinant DNA, including the changing of a biosafety classification in your laboratory, can be directed to the Institutional Biosafety Committee in the Office of Research Compliance.

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Updated: 10/24/2023 03:22PM