Active Learning Certificate Program

Program Overview

The Active Learning Certificate Program addresses the professional development needs of instructors and the pedagogical advancements associated with active learning. The goal of the program is for participants to develop knowledge of active learning principles and evidence-based techniques to be applied to their own teaching for the purpose of developing inclusive, engaging learning experiences that support student success. The approximate time commitment for completing all three program modules is four hours. The program has 20 available spots and registration is first-come-first-serve.

Active learning

Active Learning Classroom Pre-Assignment

Each semester, Registration & Records allows a time period during which departments may pre-assign instructors to classrooms including Active Learning Classrooms. The CFE and Registration & Records will work together to communicate the names of current Active Learning Certificate holders to departmental staff to facilitate the pre-assignment of Active Learning Classrooms each semester.

Routes to Certification

Faculty and instructors who already hold Active Learning Certificates will not have to complete additional training to be pre-assigned to an Active Learning Classroom, but are welcome to join to engage in professional development. Faculty and instructors who do not hold Active Learning Certificates have three options for certification:

  1. Complete the Active Learning Certificate Program course offered through the CFE.
  2. Proof of completion of the ACUE Effective Teaching Practices course or the Promoting Active Learning Microcredential.
  3. Share evidence of demonstrated expertise in the use of active learning strategies with the CFE Director for approval.

Completion of the Active Learning Certificate Program Modules


  1. Reflect on your current course designs and teaching practices that may benefit from the application of active learning strategies.
  2. Develop a plan for incorporating active learning into your teaching.
  3. Practice planning lessons that incorporate active learning strategies that align with your learning objectives and assessment techniques.
  4. Practice implementing active learning strategies using technology.

Module Features

  • Instructors will have 6 weeks to complete 2 online asynchronous modules facilitated by CFE staff.
  • Participants who complete Modules 1&2 will be invited to participate in a synchronous, in-person Module 3 session scheduled in an Active Learning Classroom.
  • Participants will be asked for their date and time preferences for the synchronous, in-person module. If necessary, more than one session will be offered depending on enrollment (at least 4 participants).
  • Each module will be facilitated by a CFE staff member who will answer participant questions and offer feedback on assessments.
  • It is expected that participants complete all three modules to earn the Active Learning Certificate.
  • CFE staff and/or the Director will review program progress and attendance and award certificates accordingly.

Completion of the ACUE Effective Teaching Practices Course

Faculty and instructors who have successfully completed the ACUE Effective Teaching Practices course and earned their Promoting Active Learning credential will be granted certification. 

Evidence of Demonstrated Expertise

If an instructor or faculty member is interested in demonstrating their expertise, they should schedule a brief meeting with the CFE Director to discuss their experience using active learning strategies. Faculty and instructors should be prepared to discuss a lesson or unit plan and demonstrate alignment between stated objective(s), assessment(s), active learning technique(s), and the way in which technology will be incorporated (if applicable).

Updated: 06/02/2023 09:19AM