Green Fund Projects

The Green Fund Committee focuses on the impact a proposal would have on BGSU's three main sustainability goals: reduction of emissions, waste reduction and resource conservation, and outreach and awareness. It is in the nature of many sustainability projects to take an extended period of time from initial proposal to project completion. In order for the Green Fund Committee and University to continue advancing in sustainability, it is important to acknowledge what has been successful and what could be improved in the future.

Below are examples of success proposals that have been approved by the Green Fund.

water bottle refill station small

Water Bottle Refill Stations

Approved proposals ($4,944) to install water bottle refill stations in three separate locations on campus. These locations include the Wolfe Center, Cooper Pool in the Student Recreation Center, as well as the Glass Studio in the Fine Arts Center.

community garden

Compost Bin for the BGSU Community Garden

Approved proposal ($250) for a project to install a compost bin, as well as educational signage to spread awareness for the benefits of composting, in the community garden on campus. Additionally, the Green Fund Committee also approved funding ($5,000) to sustain BGSU's composting program through 2020.


Reusable Bags for On-Campus Food Pantry

In lieu of a financial award, the Green Fund Committee approved the provision of 1,000 reusable bags to be used for customers of the soon to be developed food pantry on campus. The reusable bags were allocated from an existing supply of reusable bags from a prior Green Fund project in 2019.

Slater Ice Arena

Solar Array Renewal for Slater Family Ice Arena

Approved proposal ($32,856) to repair, rewire, and reconfigure the solar array at the Slater Family Ice Arena. This project aims to reduce our carbon footprint by means of renewable solar energy, which is a component of BGSU's Climate Action Plan.

Additionally, the Green Fund Committee also approved a proposal ($48,990) for the purchase of an all-electric, emissions-free zamboni for Ice Arena to promote sustainability.

Exterior Illumination LED Upgrade--Phase 2

Approved proposal ($250,000) to fund the purchasing and installation of energy efficient LED lighting on campus. To date, the Green Fund has invested approximately $504,150 into LED lighting conversion projects on campus.


Student-Led Reusable Bag Project | E.A.G

Approved proposal ($18,000) to fund the purchasing of 15,000 reusable bags. The bags will be distributed campus wide and will help move campus culture away from single-use plastic. This proposal is a large collaboration between Environmental Action Group and the Green Fund Committee, following the legislation passed by Undergraduate Student Government regarding the end of plastic bag use by BGSU facilities. 


CMA Water Bottle Filling State

Approved proposal ($1,000) to fund the a water bottle filling station in the CMA. The cost of installation was covered by Campus Operations. 


Maurer Center Solar Panels

Approved project ($5000) to fund educational materials designed by the Green Fund Committee to highlight the sustainable aspects of the new Maurer Center. 


Electric Racing Go-Kart | Engineering Society

Approved project ($5,500) to fund the Engineering Society's go-kart improvement project. The project aimed to increase go-kart efficiency and replace the electrical system. 


Maurer Center EV Charging Station

Approved project ($29,693) funded 2-Chargepoint Model CT4021 Dual Port, and additional educational signage (designed by the Green Fund Committee).

Propane Shuttle Bus Conversion (Approved $92,101)

New Shuttle Buses Propane Conversion

Approved proposal ($92,101) to fund the purchasing of propane conversion kits for the new fleet of shuttle buses from the Groome Transportation firm.

Electric Ice Edger (Approved $3,000)

Electric Ice Edger Slater Family Ice Arena

Approved proposal ($3,000) to fund the purchasing of a 100% electric ice edger manufactured by The Zamboni Company for the Slater Family Ice Arena.


Bowling Green Alternative Break (bGAB) Mess Kits

Approved project ($522) to fund the purchasing of reusable silverware and cookware for students participating in BG Alternative Break Trips.

Green Fund Projects

Exterior LED Phase I (Approved $254,150)

Exterior Illumination LED Upgrade--Phase 1

Approved proposal ($254,150) to fund the purchasing and installation of energy efficient LED lighting across old campus.

BGSU Commitment to Solar Energy (Dedicated $500,000)

BGSU Commitment to Solar Energy

Approved proposal to dedicate ($500,000) to the development of large-scale, on-campus solar array(s) with generation capacity of 1MW or more. 


Post-Consumer Composting Pilot

Approved proposal ($24,804) to fund a pilot project to collect post-consumer food waste at Carillon Place.


BGSU Electric Vehicle Pilot Project

Approved proposal ($5,000) to fund help fund a purchase of a 100% electric SUV manufactured by BYD Motors, Inc.


LED Coral Tank Lighting

Approved proposal ($4,014.70) to fund the purchasing of energy efficient LED lighting systems for BGSU Marine Lab coral tanks.


Sustainability BGSU SOAR

Approved proposal ($400) to purchase a solar-powered backpack for raffle to incentivize participation.


South Hall Native Plantings

Approved proposal ($22,500) to fund University Architect & MKSK designed native landscaping feature to surround newly renovated South Hall.


Student Recreation Center Pool Area LED Lighting Upgrade

Approved proposal (50% of project; up to $50,000) to fund LED Lighting for Rec Center Pool


Campus Waste Audit

Approved proposal (373.76) to fund a Waste Audit in the Union Oval.

Plastic Bag Recycling Stations (Approved $1,400)

Plastic Bag Recycling Stations

Approved Proposal ($1,400) to fund a pilot project for recycling plastic bags on campus with two stations located in BTSU and Falcon Heights Residence Hall.


Clean, Green Recycling

Approved proposal ($16,500) to fund a hybrid box truck in partnership with Campus Operations to reduce the carbon footprint of BGSU's recycling program in addition to educating the campus community on low emission vehicles.

Water Bottle Refill Station

Life Science Refill Stations

Approved proposal ($1,250) to fund two new water bottle refilling station retrofits to the Life Science Building.


Renewable Energy Feasibility Study

Approved proposal (50% of cost; up to $50,000) to hire an engineering firm to complete a "Campus Renewable Energy & Sustainability Feasibility Study"


Green FUN'd Run

Approved proposal ($1,500) to fund a 5k run/walk to educate BGSU community on Student Green Initiatives Fund and global climate change.


Student Recreation Center LED Lighting Upgrade

Approved proposal ($18,745) to fund a LED lighting upgrade for the Rec Center.


Perry Field House LED Lighting Upgrade

Approved proposal ($30,000) to update LED Lighting at the Perry Field House. 


Green Roof Bike Rack BGSU Campus

Approved proposal ($8,500) to help fund a bike rack on campus.

Updated: 12/23/2020 02:02PM