Undergraduate Representative Application

The Student Green Initiatives Fund Committee is composed of students, faculty and staff and reviews/makes decisions on various sustainability projects for Bowling Green State University.  The fund itself comes from the “opt out” fee of $5 per student per semester, which was created though a student initiative and became effective in the spring of 2010.

There are currently openings on the committee for undergraduate BGSU students. Committee members will have the opportunity to review and make decisions on sustainability projects that will have an impact on BGSU far into the future. They will also have the opportunity to create and submit sustainability projects as a committee.

The main responsibilities of undergraduate representatives are to:

    1. Read and review Green Fund proposal applications before each meeting.

    2. Provide knowledgeable insight as to why a proposal should or should not be funded.

    3. Meet with student applicants and administrative staff to communicate on behalf of the Committee.

    4. Active participation, input, and engaging in discussion at each Committee meeting.

The position will commence with the fall semester of 2024 and continue for the 2024-2025 academic year.  
Meetings will take place at least every other week, and depending on project load, there may be weekly meetings. Applicants must be full-time BGSU students for the entire duration of their service on the committee and must attend all committee meetings. Applicants must also be willing to learn new skills, complete tasks in a timely manner, and should expect to spend at least 3 hours a week on committee duties. More information on the fund can be found here.

Applications will be accepted until 5pm on Friday, April 12th, 2024.
Application to serve as Undergraduate Representative on Student Green Fund

Attending BGSU for 2024-2025 Academic Year?:

Are you willing and able to commit at least 3 hours to committee responsibilities each week?:

Have you read BGSU's Climate Action Plan?:

Thank you for your interest in serving on the Student Green Initiatives Fund Committee! Your application will be reviewed & we will reach out shortly!

Updated: 03/29/2024 11:35AM