Placement Exam

Having a language placement score on record will guide you as you design your BGSU academic journey, regardless of your current major. The results will place you in the appropriate level for the best chance of success. There are world language requirements that depend on your college and/or major. If you change your major/college, or declare a minor, you may need a placement score in the future.

In today’s diverse society, bilingual skills are important.

Expand your World, Learn a Language!

Newly admitted students majoring in programs with a foreign language requirement or who plan to study foreign language should complete the foreign language placement exam prior to their initial advising appointment. Returning students who have not taken a language placement test but who wish to study a foreign language should also complete the placement exam. The online foreign language placement test (Emmersion– Chinese, French, German, Italian, Russian or Spanish) can be taken on any mobile device, tablet, laptop, computer, etc.  The exam will only take between 5-20 minutes of your time, depending on your skill level.  Placement cutoff scores are advisory, as all students should consult with an academic advisor or World Languages and Cultures faculty prior to self-enrolling in their first language course at Bowling Green State University. 

Once you click on a Placement Exam link below, you will be taken to the Emmersion Registration Page. You MUST use your email address and accurately enter your 10-digit BGSU ID#. All information must be completed and the "agree" checkbox marked before creating your account.

Placement Exam Registration Login example

Important: Please make sure you enter your BGSU Student ID Number and your valid email address correctly!  We may be unable to receive your test score if the entered information is incorrect!

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BGSU placement cutoff scores:

  Chinese French
German Italian
Russian Spanish
1010 0-130 0-159 0-120 0-199 0-149 0-130
1020 131-190 160-239 121-200 200-399 150-220 131-190
2010 191-260 240-289 201-299 400-599 221-269 191-260
2020 261-399 290-399 300-399 600-800 270-399 261-399
2120           261-399

Finished your College Foreign Language Requirements?  Congratulations!  You're well on your way to fluency in a foreign language -- a marketable skill that sets you apart in today's global economy.  Consider a major, minor, study abroad, or even a double major.

All students will take a placement test that will help determine the appropriate level to begin or continue language study.  

For specific questions regarding your placement score, please consult directly with the advisor listed below. For students who place above the 2020 level, or have questions about a language, please contact the advisor listed below. Please note, this exam will not be used to award you credit for courses, but rather is a guiding resource to help you select the class that will best meet your linguistic proficiency needs.

For those students wishing to enroll in a language not included in the list above, please contact the Department of World Languages and Cultures.

College Requirements

Foreign Language requirements vary among colleges. Please contact your college advisor before enrolling in your first language course at BGSU. All students will take a placement test that will help determine the appropriate level to begin or continue language study.

Completing Your College Foreign Language Requirement

On Campus: You may complete your foreign language requirement on campus through the traditional 1010, 1020, 2010, 2020 sequence.

Study Abroad: Intensive study abroad language immersions options are available for students studying French, Italian, or Spanish. Through these options you may be able to complete your foreign language requirement in as little as one semester while living abroad. Many forms of student financial aid including university scholarships may apply.

The Culture “Capstone”: Students of French or Spanish may choose to complete their foreign language requirement through a cultural readings course, FREN 2120 or SPAN 2120, in place of FREN 2020 or SPAN 2020. The 2120 courses allow students to learn and discuss the history and culture of French or Spanish societies. Readings are in the target language while class discussion, papers, presentations, and exams are in English.

Latin: Students with two years of high school Latin may choose between Latin 2010/2020 and CLCV 2410/2420 to complete their College requirement.

Native or Heritage Speakers: Students with foreign language experience through home life or foreign residence should consult the undergraduate advisors for the language in question for appropriate course selection, including earning Credit by Examination.


A student who is ready for 3000-level courses normally should begin with a conversation/composition course (preferably SPAN 3510 or FREN 3560, 3570, or 3580), and should consult with the appropriate advisor within the Department.

A student planning to begin any language at the 1000 level should be encouraged to do so at the earliest possible time, in order to be able to complete the major or minor sequences in four years.

Advanced Placement

The Advanced Placement Program is a service that enables qualified entering students to earn credit for college level courses taken in high school, based upon the scores achieved in high school and scored by the College Entrance Examination Board (CEEB). The results must then be forwarded to BGSU for credit determination.

Depending on credit determination, students may be exempted from certain University courses. Students granted exemption may begin studying at higher levels, pursue a minor or second major or even graduate early. Students earning a total of 30 credits through Advanced Placement are automatically granted sophomore standing.

Advanced Placement in French, Latin or Spanish Language

Score of 5:      Advanced Placement in French, Latin or Spanish Language

Three hours of credit for French, Latin or Spanish 2020; possible credit for French 3560, Latin or Spanish 3510 based on essay review and student conference with the departmental undergraduate advisor.

Score of 4:     

Three hours of credit for French, Latin or Spanish 2020.

French and Spanish Literature Exam

Score of 5

Three hours of credit for French or Spanish 2020; possible credit for a 3000 level literature course based on essay review and student conference with the departmental undergraduate advisor.

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