Alumni of World Languages and Cultures


I did the program as both an undergrad (1994-1995) and as a grad student (2001-2002). BOTH times completely changed my life.Matt Smith, ’95, ‘02

Where Are They Now?

AliciaKae Honsberger, 2014 (BA)
Volunteer & Development Coordinator,
Sofia Quintero Art & Cultural Center

Robert Barnes, 2013 (BA)
U.S. Army Civil Affairs

Kaitlin Bur, 2013 (BA)
MS Student, Dietetics, Ohio University

Andrew McCaffrey, 2013 (BA in Classics)
Latin Teacher, Shaker Middle School, Cleveland, OH

Cortney Redman, 2011 (BA)
De Paul University Law School, Chicago, IL

Sameen Dadfar, 2010 (BA)
Program Officer, International Center for Journalists

Kelsey Magers Newman, 2010 (BA)
Spanish Teacher, Wauseon High School, OH

Jessica Norris, 2008 (BA)
English Professor and Business Owner, Spain

Katey Yinger, 2008 (BA)
Legal Assistant

Manola Acosta, 2007 (BA)
Spanish Teacher

Jeff Amspoker,
2005 (BA)
Spanish Teacher

Dante Casagrande
, 2000 (BA)
Spanish Teacher & Soccer Coach

Axel Walton III, 2013 (MA)
Staff Operations Specialist, FBI, Quantico, VA

Matthew Barrile
, 2011 (MA)
PhD student, Spanish, The Ohio State University, OH

Danielle Stanko, 2011 (MA)
Center Director, Language Stars, Chicago, IL

Kiko Chalupa, 2006 (MA)
Inside Sales, Emerson Network Power

Nashieli Marcano, 2006 (MA)
Assistant Professor, Converse College, SC
Pedro Porben, 2002 (MA)
Assistant Professor, BGSU, OH
Agustin Cuadrado, 2001 (MA)
Associate Professor, Texas State University, TX

Jennica Betsch, 2016 (BA)
Peace Corps Volunteer, Burkina Faso



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See What WRLD Alumni Have To Say:

"I arrived to Spain in Aug 2006 and never left. I fell in Love with the culture, the people, the language and the way of life. I've since opened an English Academy, got married and now currently have two beautiful daughters who are bilingual which makes me very happy."
-- Jessica N., English Professor and Business Owner

"My study abroad experience left me with one of the best friends I could have ever asked for. It also gave me amazing life experiences that I still talk about in my classroom today and my students love the stories. It was one of the best decisions of my life and I would recommend it to anyone considering studying abroad. Magda, Susana and my host mom Alicia made my experience so warm and welcoming as well. They are the best and I will forever be grateful for them!"
-- Manola A., Middle School Spanish Teacher

"During the fall of 1999 I spent a semester in Alcala de Henares.  I participated in the undergraduate program and also attended graduate classes; I even took a Sevillana dance class with some of the local elderly ladies.  This visit was my second trip to Spain, but it was the one that helped shape me into what I have become. I formed life long friendships with classmates and instructors alike.  I went on to complete a Master's Degree from The University of Granada years later.  There is something special about this program and this city, it seems to be perfect for a foreigner's first experience with immersion.  The city was intimate and inviting and the staff have a masterful understanding of the needs of their students.  As I am finishing my fourteenth year teaching Spanish as a second language to high school students, I think my fondest memory was meeting one of my first students in Alcala during his summer abroad.  It was a full circle moment for me.  Because of this program I developed a love for this country, later going on to propose to my wife in Madrid and celebrate our honeymoon in Barcelona and Valencia.  I've seen the majority of this country and plan to see the rest some day, but it all started here for me and for this I am eternally thankful."
-- Dante C., High School Spanish Teacher & Soccer Coach

"I fully believe that my time abroad was an integral time in my life. It taught me independence, how to adapt in situations outside of my comfort zone, and of course it developed my language skills, which have been infinitely helpful to me. I am now working as a legal assistant at an immigration law firm where I am daily interacting with Spanish-speakers. I am forever grateful for my time in the AYA program and the wonderful people that are a part of it."
-- Katey Y., Legal Assistant

"I studied abroad in Alcala de Henares during the 2002-2003 academic year. This time in Spain was the greatest educational experience of my life. It taught me how to have confidence when traveling and really gave me context to use when I am in the classroom. Most importantly it taught me how to be reflective of my own cultural bias. Since this time I have taken my Spanish students abroad to Peru, Spain, and Costa Rica."
-- Jeff A., Spanish Teacher

"The AYA Spain experience of living, studying and working in Spain, in addition to studying Latin American, linguistic and pedagogic content at BGSU, enabled me to work in this elite career field and travel the world, working with U.S. Government and partner nation officials on a variety of projects and programs. I highly recommend all BGSU students, independent of their major or minor, consider the AYA Spain program."
-- Robert B., U.S. Army Civil Affairs

"The two BGSU study abroad programs I participated in helped shape my career by shaping me as a person. I became tolerant, because I learned to love and appreciate different cultures. I became brave, because I learned the value of leaving my comfort zone. I became worldly, because I learned that there is so much we can learn from each other. I became confident, because I had to analyze and question my beliefs before I could explain or defend them to others. I became outgoing, because I formed international friendships that, after eight years, are still changing my life. Lastly, I became accomplished, because I've embarked on a career path that values and appreciates the skills I gained during my time abroad, proving that I picked up more than just a language. I learned how I want to live."
-- Sameen D., Program Officer, International Center for Journalists

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