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Italian & Classical Studies in Italy

Living in a foreign country and adapting to its culture has long been considered the most effective way to really learn a second language. However, learning a foreign language isn’t the only reason to invest time and money in a semester abroad. Living and learning abroad will be one of the most challenging experiences of your academic career and can enhance your life through increased cross-cultural awareness, self-confidence and the ability to view your own cultural context from a different perspective.

It is for these reasons that Bowling Green State University considers its Academic Year Abroad programs so vitally important to its students. Such programs ensure that our students can be in touch with the cultures they study on a personal basis: observing, participating and drawing their own conclusions. With the 2010-2011 academic year, our Romance and Classical Studies Academic Programs Abroad celebrate four decades of successful study abroad programs. We are confident that our new program abroad in Italy will meet the standards of success and excellence represented by our programs in Spanish and French speaking countries. All of our students who participated in our Academic Year Abroad in the past have recognized the extraordinary benefit that they could receive both personally and professionally from developing their foreign language skills and obtaining experience in another culture.

The program is located in the city of Rome, Italy’s capital. Classes are conducted at the Centro Linguistico Italiano Dante Alighieri (CLIDA), specializing in the teaching of Italian language and culture. Officially authorized by the Italian Ministry of Education, the school offers courses specifically tailored to BGSU's requirements. All instructors are professionally trained in teaching Italian to foreign students and you will earn BGSU credit for this program. A faculty member from BGSU serves as on-site director for the program.

 CLI Dante Alighieri has been in operation since 1981, and is located on the Piazza Bologna. The school offers large and bright classrooms, common spaces for students to meet and socialize, and Internet access. The location is convenient to the historical center of Rome, a lively and cosmopolitan metropolis of 3.8 million people and a center of culture and activity famous throughout the world for the beauty of its art and monuments.

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BGSU Education Abroad Office

219 University Hall

Courses normally offered:

ITAL 1010 (4 credit hours) Elementary Italian I *
ITAL 1020 (4 credit hours) Elementary Italian II  *
ITAL 2010 (3 credit hours) Intermediate Italian I *
ITAL 2020 (3 credit hours) Intermediate Italian II *
ITAL 2030 (3 credit hours) Italian Language Practicum
ITAL 3030 (3 credit hours) Italian Language Practicum

CLCV 3880 (3 credit hours) The Roman City 

ROCS 6940 (3 credit hours) The Roman City (Graduate)

Offered on basis of demand and enrollment:

ITAL 1030 (4 credit hours) Elementary Italian III
ITAL 3710 (3 credit hours) Italian Civilization I

Upper level languages courses available with department approval.

* Fulfill General Education and college of Arts & Sciences requirements.

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