Bowling Green State University
April 18, 2020
Kayla Gay -- CURS Award Recipient
  • "Sources of Anxiety in Emerging Adult Relationships: A Qualitative Analysis"
    Monica Longmore
Jennifer Kania
  • "Food Insecurity and Self-Reported Crime"
    Mentor: Raymond Swisher
Jennifer Kania
  • "The Westernization of Yoga and Meditation through the Lens of Spirituality & Health Magazine 1999 - 2019"
    Mentor: Madeline Duntley
Adam Smith
Mentor: Margaret Weinberger
  • "Part 1 of 3 Environmental Sociology: Inquiry of Place, Space, and Parks"
  • "Part 2 of 3 Environmental Sociology: Web-Based User Reviews of Parks"
  • "Part 3 of 3 Environmental Sociology: Parallels and Divergence Between Permaculture, Biophilic Design, and Landscape Architecture"
Kyle Thompson
  • "Nonprofit Methodology of Advocacy for Black People in Columbus, Ohio"
    • Mentor: Steve Demuth
Kyle Thompson (middle) pictured with Jennifer McCary, Chief Diversity and Belonging Officer (left) and Associate Professor Stephen Demuth

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