Welcome to Psychology!

Your decision to major or minor in psychology at Bowling Green is an important one.  You will find that the study of psychology is interesting and rewarding.  The discipline is currently so broad, and covers such a wide spectrum of activities, that you will have many opportunities to find a "niche" that will be especially suited to your own interests and educational needs.  


For general questions and concerns, reference the Undergraduate Handbook for Psychology Majors.


You can now schedule advising appointments with a psychology faculty mentor on Navigate. Here's how:

1. From your myBGSU homepage, select “Schedule advising and tutoring appointments” in the navigate box.  

2. Then, fill in the boxes as follows:

        What type of appointment: Advising

        Service: Meet with my assigned advisor

3. Then click on “Find an Available Time”

Psychology faculty mentors are especially well suited to talk with you about graduate school, career planning, internships, etc. 

Major/Minor Requirements

If you want to pursue two different degrees within the College of Arts and Science (example: BA in Sociology and BS in Psychology), you should meet with an advisor in each degree. You must complete a Major and Minor in each degree, courses cannot double count. At least 32 hours beyond the hours required for a single degree must be earned. Fill out the form here once you have met with advisors.

If you want to take more than the maximum 18 hours, fill out the form here

If you are not sure what minor to choose check out the options here.   

If you still do not see a minor for you, fill out the form here and make an appointment with a Psychology Faculty Mentor through Navigate. See schedule advising appointments above.

If you would like to take PSYC 4890, Internship check out the requirements here.  

Major/Minor Change

To change your major or minor, fill out the form here, then email it to contactcas@bgsu.edu.

To change your major within BGSU, start with the college you will be transferring to. Use the form here when you are sure you want to make the change. Then email it to contactcas@bgsu.edu.

Transfer Credits

If you want to take courses at another institution for transfer back to BGSU, follow the guidelines here


If the graduation option is no longer showing in your MyBGSU because you have waited too long to apply for graduation, fill out the form here.

If you have not met graduation requirements and/or need to withdraw from graduation, fill out the form here.

If you want to walk through graduation before meeting all degree requirements, fill out the form here.

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