Contact Us

We are here! Please stop in 206 Psychology Building or call 419-372-2301.  Psychology staff ARE here Monday-Friday 8am-5pm and available via phone, email and Microsoft Teams.

Who should I call?

Undergraduate students and parents:

 Please contact the Psychology Department by calling the Main Office at (419-372-2301).

Graduate students:

Paula Watson can answer most questions about graduate classes, graduate programs, and applications to our Ph.D. programs. She is available at, (419) 372-2306, and on Microsoft Teams


Faculty should complete maintenance requests, such as requesting a replacement lightbulb in your office, on under Misc Services.

Sue Wax is responsible for purchasing and advising on purchasing requests. She is available at, (419) 372-2303, and on Microsoft Teams.

Other faculty questions should be directed to Carolyn Tompsett. She is available at, (419) 372-2835, and on  Microsoft Teams.

Seeking psychological services or counseling:

Theresa Kelso can provide information and schedule appointments at our Psychological Services Center. She is available at, or (419) 372-2540. BGSU students may also contact the Counseling Center at (419) 372-2081.

I'm still not sure who to ask...

If you're not sure, just call the Main Office at (419) 372-2301 or email Dr. Tompsett and we will be happy to help you!

Updated: 01/30/2024 10:31AM