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If you have considered majoring in psychology, you should take a look at the Department of Psychology at Bowling Green State University. Concentrations in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology, and Psychobiology are among the programs offered. Specialized planned programs to meet the needs of individual students can be designed within guidelines set by the Department of Psychology and the College of Arts and Sciences. You may wish to review the Psychology handbook for psychology majors and the College of Arts and Sciences handbook.

Psychology is a scholarly discipline, a scientific field, and a professional activity. Its overall focus is on the study of both human and animal behavior and related mental and physiological processes. As a scholarly discipline, psychology represents a major field of study in academic settings, with emphasis on the communication and explanation of principles and theories of behavior. As a science, it is a focus of research through which investigators collect, quantify, analyze, and interpret data describing human and animal behavior, thus shedding light on the causes and dynamics of behavior patterns. As a profession, psychology involves the practical application of knowledge, skills, and techniques for the solution or prevention of individual or social problems; the professional role also provides an opportunity for the psychologist to develop further his/her understanding of human behavior and thus to contribute to the science of psychology.

Special Features

The Department of Psychology is a large, active center for research in all areas of psychology. There are 24 full-time faculty members, all with the Ph.D. degree, over 121 graduate students, and approximately 470 undergraduate majors. Despite the size of the department, most classes are small and students are encouraged to interact with faculty. The Department boasts one of the finest facilities in the Midwest as it is housed in its own modern five-story building containing classrooms, offices, research laboratories, clinic facilities, an electronics shop, meeting rooms, a student lounge, and a computer laboratory. Students have access to and are encouraged to utilize all aspects of the facility.

Bowling Green's psychology faculty are active in the area of research. This is significant to the student because it provides opportunities to learn about research firsthand, and, even more importantly, it guarantees that what is learned about psychology is up-to-date. Undergraduate students are encouraged to pursue their own research projects in psychology, or to work with faculty members on existing research projects. Each year, a number of undergraduates are chosen for assistantships. These awards provide a cash stipend and support for the student's individual research.

Career Opportunities

A considerable number of Bowling Green psychology majors go on to graduate study for advanced degrees in psychology or in other professions such as law, social work, business, health care, and medicine. Those who do not go on for further study have been successful in obtaining employment in a variety of areas. Many work in mental health care settings, schools, or social agencies, while others pursue careers in government in one of the three general areas of research, personnel, or management. At the federal level alone there are over 50 departments or agencies which hire psychology majors. Others enter occupations seemingly unrelated to psychology but for which they are qualified as a result of the special skills developed by psychology majors at Bowling Green State University. For example, several of our recent graduates are employed as data analysts for large corporations. They are responsible for the collection, analysis and interpretation of information that the company needs for efficient operation.

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If you would like to learn more about the opportunities available for you to pursue your college education at Bowling Green, please feel free to call or visit. A visit to the department is easy to arrange.

For further information, contact:

Sherona Garrett-Ruffin, Ph.D.
Department of Psychology
Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green, OH 43403
Email: sgarret@bgsu.edu
Phone: 419-372-8125

Check out this video about the Undergraduate Psychology Association. If you’d like more information on joining, you can email Maura at mbarley@bgsu.edu or Dr. Docherty at mdocher@bgsu.edu.

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