Prospective Students

If you have considered majoring in psychology, you should take a look at the Department of Psychology at Bowling Green State University. Concentrations in Industrial Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Neural and Cognitive Science are among the programs offered. Specialized planned programs to meet the needs of individual students can be designed within guidelines set by the Department of Psychology and the College of Arts and Sciences. You may wish to review the Undergraduate Handbook for psychology majors.

Psychology is a scholarly discipline, a scientific field, and a professional activity. Its overall focus is on the study of both human and animal behavior and related mental and physiological processes. As a scholarly discipline, psychology represents a major field of study in academic settings, with emphasis on the communication and explanation of principles and theories of behavior. As a science, it is a focus of research through which investigators collect, quantify, analyze, and interpret data describing human and animal behavior, thus shedding light on the causes and dynamics of behavior patterns. As a profession, psychology involves the practical application of knowledge, skills, and techniques for the solution or prevention of individual or social problems; the professional role also provides an opportunity for the psychologist to develop further his/her understanding of human behavior and thus to contribute to the science of psychology.

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Updated: 07/09/2021 03:28PM