Guest Speakers

Every year, through Distinguished Lecture Series and weekly speaker series, we invites organizational researchers and practitioners to talk about their research and practical experience.

Danielle Gardner, Colorado State University

Tara Behrend, Purdue University

Tianjun Sun, Kansas State University

Kristen Jones, University of Memphis

Louis Hickman, University of Pennsylvania

Rachel Saef, Northern Illinois University

Jason Randall, University at Albany

YoungAh Park, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Nikki Blacksmith, Blackhawke Behavior Science

Kevin Hoff, University of Houston

Nicole Strah, George Mason University

Christy Nittrouer, Texas Tech University

Tori Crain, Portland State University

Yimin He, University of Nebraska Omaha

Nicholas Salter, Hofstra University  

Shannon Rawski, Western University

Meghan Thornton-Lugo, The University of Akron

Christina Norris-Watts, Johnson & Johnson

Lars Johnson, Wayne State University

Kimberly O'Brien, Central Michigan University

Allison Gabriel, The University of Arizona

Lauren Kuykendall, George Mason University

Alicia Grandey, Pennsylvania State University 

Brenton Wiernik, University of South Florida

Emily Campion, Old Dominion University

Bo Zhang, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Michael Ford, University of Alabama

Danielle King, Rice University

Christopher Wiese, Georgia Technological University

Gwen Fisher, Colorado State University 

Vincent Ng, University of Houston

Brian Zickmund-Fisher, University of Michigan

Debra Steele-Johnson, Wright State University

Mark Whitmore, Kent State University

Marcus Dickson, Wayne State University

Chesea Song, Purdue University

Lindsey Dhanani, The Ohio University

Franki Kung, Purdue University

James Diefendorff, The University of Akron

Stephanie Andel, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

Mahima Saxena, University of Nebraska Omaha

Chieh-Chen Bowen, Cleveland State University

Sang Woo, Purdue University

Marina Pearce and Bryon Miller, Ford Motor Company

Daisy Chang, Michigan State University

Lars Johnson, Wayne State University

Tatana Olson, The Naval Aerospace Medical Institute

Tim Judge, Ohio State University

Amanda Thayer, University of Akron

Scott Davies, PointLeader Inc.

Stacy Sim and Procter and Gamble Talent Analytics Team

Andrew Speer, Wayne State University

Jeff Hughes, Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Lillian Eby, University of Georgia

Katherine Sliter, Furst Person

Steffanie Wilk, Ohio State University

Dev Dalal, University of Connecticut

Linda Schaumann Reese, Leader On Boarding

Melissa Gruys, Wright State University

Ashlie Britton, The Aldridge Group

Anita Keller, Michigan State University

Boris Baltes, Wayne State University

Justin Sprung, Luther College

Suzanne Masterson, University of Cincinnati

Elliott Lasson, University of Maryland, Baltimore County & Lasson Talent Solutions

Nathan Bowling, Wright State University

Brent Scott, Michigan State University

Mike Sliter, Furst Person

John Arnold, Polaris Consulting

Marcus Dickson, Wayne State

Chris Fluckinger, BGSU Firelands

Tom Britt, Clemson

Alyssa McGonagle, Wayne State University

Nichelle Carpenter, University of Illinois

James Austin, Ohio State University

Dennis Doverspike, University of Akron

Paul Sackett, University of Minnesota

Kim O'Brien, Central Michigan University

Jennifer Wessel, University of Maryland

Jason Huang, Michigan State University

Levi Nieminen, Denison Consulting

Kim O'Brien, Central Michigan University

Jennifer Wessel, University of Maryland

Jason Huang, Michigan State University

Levi Nieminen, Denison Consulting

Tammy Allen (University of South Florida)
Boris Baltes (Wayne State University)
Michael Sliter (IUPUI)
Michelle Brodke (BGSU Firelands)
Cecile Delcourt (Liege, Belgium)
Neil Christiansen (Central Michigan University)
John Schaubroeck (Michigan State University)
Rodger Griffeth (Ohio University)
Dennis Doverspike (University of Akron)

Larry Williams (Wayne State University)
Daisy Chang (Michigan State University)
Tom Lee (University of Washington)
Rod McCloy (HumRRO)
Dalia Diab (Xavier University)
Russell Johnson (Michigan State University)
Mo Wang (University of Florida)
Jeff Vancouver (Ohio University)

Jenn Yugo (Oakland University)
Anthony Boyce (Aon Consulting)
Timothy Messer-Kruse (BGSU Department of American Culture)
Robert Lord (University of Akron)
Dave Nershi (SIOP Executive Director)
Howard Klein (Ohio State University)
Aaron Schmidt (University of Minnesota)
Christine Scheu (Previsor)

James LeBreton (Purdue)
Dennis Doverspike (Akron)
Charles Gerhold (The Scotts Company)
Shelly Zedeck (University of California, Berkeley)
Diedre Knapp (HumRRO)
Mo Wang (University of Maryland)
Gary Burns (Wright State University)
Robert Guion (Bowling Green State University, Emeritus)

Terry Terhark (The RightThing, Inc.)
Rebecca Ferguson(BGSU Human Resources)
Stephanie Holliday (Therma-Tru Corporation)
Kelly Wicks (Grounds for Thought)
Terry Beehr (Central Michigan University)
Matt Dills (First Solar)
Joanne McInnerney (Amtrust Bank)
James Diefendorff (University of Akron)
Neil Christiansen (Central Michigan University)
Christopher Berry (Wayne State University)
Jay Jenoviks (PreVisor)
Dan Putka (HumRRO)

Leaetta Hough (Dunnette Group)
Rodney McCloy (Human Resources Research Organization)
Diane F. Halpern (Claremont McKenna College)
Dan Denison (Denison Consulting)
Lilly Lin (Development Dimensions International)
Evan Sinar (Development Dimensions International)
Mike Gillespie (Denison Consulting)
Nathan Bowling (Wright State University)

Azfal Upal (University of Toledo) 
Caroline Fisher
(Fisher Consulting Group)
Boris Baltes (Wayne State University)
Alexander Czopp (University of Toledo)
Lindsey Kotrba & Ryan Smerek (Denison Consulting)
Paul Levy (University of Akron)
Eric Hanson (Development Dimensions International)
Bob Yonker (University of Toledo)
David Harrison (Penn State University)

Neil Christiansen (Central Michigan University)
Mike Gillespie (Denison Consulting)
Lilly Lin (Development Dimensions International)
Remus Illies (Michigan State University)
Sabinne Sonnentag (Universitat Konstanz)

Aaron Schmidt (University of Akron)
Jeff Stanton (Syracuse University)
Kimberly Shepard (Leadership Development Consultant)
William Shepard (PsyMax Solutions)
Louis Penner (Senior Scientist, Communication and Behavioral Oncology Program, Karmanos Cancer Institute)
Neil Browne (Professor of Economics, BGSU)

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