After BGSU

Where Are They Now?

You can find graduates of Bowling Green State University's Industrial-Organizational Psychology program in many places, ranging from academic to applied settings.  Click here for a list of a few universities and organizations that have employed students and graduates of BGSU.

Comments from Employers

“Over the past few years I've hired several BGSU students and graduates into a variety of roles (e.g., interns, field and research consultants). I've found that the psychologists coming through Bowling Green to be methodologically strong, practical and insightful professionals; plus, they are fun to work with. I'm looking forward to more opportunities to get to know others in the program.”

- Doug Reynolds, PhD, Manager, Assessment Technology Group, DDI

 “We have always gotten top quality, very well-trained psychologists from BGSU. I will always look to BGSU for top talent before going elsewhere.”

- Jen Irwin, PhD, Senior Manager, Personnel Research, P&G

 “Our intern's graduate training from BGSU enabled him to become a key member of several project teams, including one that involved a major test development and criterion-related validation project for the U.S. Army. We are continuing our collaboration with him in several ways, including an effort to publish work from this project in a refereed journal.”

-Deirdre Knapp, PhD, Manager, Assessment Research & Analysis Program, HumRRO

 “[Our BGSU student] has been a wonderful addition to our department.  He is a very intelligent individual whose strong work ethic and top-notch methodological skills have been of tremendous value in conducting impactful research for us with employee, customer, and financial data.  His work here has been outstanding.”

- Mike Howard, Manager, Employee Metrics and Staffing, Harrah's Entertainment, Inc.

Keeping up to date!

Annually, the I/O doctoral students, led by a faculty advisor, create the Alumni-Observer, which helps keep alumni of the program apprised of the great things going on in the department.  To check out the most recent copy of the newsletter, click here! 

Updated: 03/16/2021 12:45PM