Graduate Life


Students at Work!

BG students spend a lot of time on class work, collaborating on research projects, and participating in other academic activities such as our weekly brown bag series. Feel free to explore our latest publications, presentations, and IPRA projects led by students here!



Students receive awards Every year during fall mixer, Bonnie A. Sandman Award and IPRA Excellence in Applied Psychology Award are granted to students demonstrating excellence in research and practice, respectively. 



There are several opportunities for seeing speakers throughout the year, including Brownbags, guest speakers at research meetings, and esteemed I/O psychologists visiting for the.Patricia Cain Smith & Robert M. Guion Distinguished Lecture Series.

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Benefits of BGSU

In addition to a top-notch working environment, all graduate students are encouraged to take advantage of their free access to the University Recreation and Wellness (pictured here). Additionally, students can obtain affordable health coverage at the University Health Center.


Local community

Without a doubt, one of the other factors contributing to the high quality of life within the BGSU program is the surrounding community. Bowling Green is a small college town located in northwest Ohio, approximately 20 minutes south of Toledo and about 50 minutes southeast of Ann Arbor, Michigan. This town offers everything you need and very little of what you don't (visit Main Street Bowling Green for more info). Bowling Green has four distinct seasons, offering a variety of weather conditions. The average winter temperature is 31 degrees with an average snowfall of 27 inches per year. The average summer temperature is 71 degrees.

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Social life

In addition to the high quality of academic life at BGSU, our I-O students and faculty appreciate the importance of maintaining a healthy balance between work and fun. As most will attest, balanced individuals produce greater amounts of high quality work. But don’t take our word for it – check out our photos and explore the rest of this web site. We think you’ll understand what we mean.