Faculty and students are actively involved in the I-O research community. Students are encouraged to explore all areas of I-O Psychology and work with multiple faculty members throughout the course of their graduate training. Both the students and faculty are actively involved in presenting at conferences as well as publishing in journals and other publications.

Faculty Research

The faculty research interests at BGSU span a wide variety of topics including employee selection, judgment and decision making, psychometric theory, stress and well-being in the workplace, work motivation, and job attitudes. Please visit the faculty page to learn more about their individual research areas.

Other Resources

The department of Psychology has access to an outstanding undergraduate research pool, in which undergraduates are often given course credit or extra points for participating in research.  Additionally, many undergraduates assist in research needs of both graduates students and faculty.

Bowling Green State University is the home of the Job Descriptive Index (JDI). The JDI is the oldest and most researched measure of job satisfaction. The JDI research group is involved in a number of research projects on job attitudes and survey development.

BGSU is also one of a number of programs to receive NIOSH funding for its research in occupational health psychology (OHP). The OHP research group studies a number of topics including shiftwork, work/life balance, workplace incivility, youth farm safety, and recovery and well-being.

Additionally, BG is affiliated with the Education and Research Center (ERC) located at the University of Cincinnati. A number of BG faculty and students have received grant funding for their research through the ERC's pilot research project program. Recent grants include:

Alexander, K., Mazolla, J., Moore, T., & Jex, S. (2009). Education and Research Center Pilot Project Grant – University of Cincinnati. Daily Workplace Barriers and Facilitators to Proper Nutrition and Exercise. 

Britton, A.R. & Jex, S. M. (2012). Encouraging prevention and detection safety behaviors: The effects of goal framing. Education and Research Center Pilot Research Project Program funded by NIOSH.

Horan, K.A., Bayne, A.M., Henderson, A.A., McKersie, S.J., & Jex, S. M. (2015). A test of the work stressor-vulnerability model of alcohol consumption. Education and Research Center Pilot Research Project Program funded by NIOSH.

Park, Y., Gopalkrishnan, P., Yugo, J., & Jex, S. M. (2009). Workplace incivility as a threat to safety behaviors among nurses. Education and Research Center Pilot Research Project Program funded by NIOSH. 

Peng, Y., Chang, C., & Jex, S. M. (2013). An investigation of emotional labor in nursing supervisor-subordinate dyads. Education and Research Center Pilot Research Project Program funded by NIOSH.

Pui, S.Y., Sliter, M.T., Wolford, K.A., Jex, S., & McInnerney, J. (2009).  The effect of multiple sources of hostility on mental well-being, burnout, and performance.  NIOSH Education and Research Center Pilot Project Grant.

Smith, E.N., McInroe, J., Adelman, M., Fritz, C., & Kain, J.M. (2007). The impact of coping and gender role identification on the work-family interface.  

Yugo, J., E., McInroe, J., Lindinger-Stern, S., & Fritz, C. (2006).  Understanding teaching: Determining age-related differences in stressors and resources.