First Year Students


Searra Lippard

Hometown: Buena Vista, Virginia

Undergraduate Education: Regent University

Research Interests: employee well-being, interpersonal relationships and teamwork, organizational culture, prosocial behavior, employee fulfillment, individual differences


Sarah Rohr

Hometown: Rochester, Indiana

Undergraduate Education: Manchester University

Research Interests: employee attitudes and well-being, bias and discrimination, organizational culture


Hannah Thomson

Hometown: Roanoke, Indiana

Undergraduate Education: Manchester University

Research Interests: burnout, motivation, work-life conflict, impact of physical work environment on well-being, personnel selection and assessment in high-risk/high-stress occupations 


Hongyu (Jung) Zheng

Hometown: Shanghai, China

Undergraduate Education: Pennsylvania State University, State College

Research Interests: employee motivation, personality inventories, human-robot teaming, leadership assessment and development

Second Year Students


Lindsay Denecker

Hometown: Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin

Undergraduate Education: University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Research Interests: employee well-being, psychometrics, workplace bias and discrimination, leadership, teamwork, meaningful work, bridging the scientist-practitioner gap, artificial intelligence in the workplace


Alisha Silkey

Hometown: Faribault, Minnesota

Undergraduate Education: University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

Research Interests: diversity, equity and inclusion, training and development, organizational justice


Melissa Sorensen

Hometown: Warsaw, Indiana

Undergraduate Education: Grace College

Graduate Education: Western Kentucky University

Research Interests: occupational health psychology, work-life balance, counterproductive work behavior, motivation


Barbara Warner

Hometown: Swartz Creek, Michigan

Undergraduate Education: Central Michigan University

Research Interests: work-life balance, employee well-being, stress, workaholism, organizational citizenship behavior, counterproductive work behavior

Third Year Students


Clark Amistad

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario

Undergraduate Education: University of Waterloo

Graduate Education: University of Calgary

Research Interests: personnel selection, applicant reactions, AI and machine learning, data and decision making


William Lynch

Hometown: Columbia, South Carolina

Undergraduate Education: University of South Carolina

Research Interests: occupational health psychology, stress, work-life balance, organizational culture


Aarti Polavarapu

Hometown: Delhi, India

Undergraduate Education: University of Delhi

Graduate Education: King's College London; Hofstra University

Research Interests: diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), occupational health psychology, leadership, organizational development, judgment and decision making


Pasquale Tosto

Hometown: Harrison, New York

Undergraduate Education: Skidmore College

Graduate Education: Montclair State University

Research Interests: personality and individual differences, personnel selection, bridging the scientist-practitioner divide, psychometrics, motivation


Lucas Wall

Hometown: Sammamish, Washington

Undergraduate Education: Western Washington University

Research Interests: psychometrics, recruitment, selection, personality, performance, motivation

Fourth Year Students


Gaurangi Das

Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana

Undergraduate Education: Louisiana State University 

Research Interests: stress, mental toughness, motivation, and mindfulness


Libby Furrow

Hometown: Los Angeles, California 

Undergraduate Education: Santa Clara University 

Research Interests: work motivation, training and development, team dynamics, and organizational justice


Bao Ho

Hometown: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Undergraduate Education: Case Western Reserve University

Research Interests: machine learning and AI, performance, recruitment and selection, psychometrics


Simon Michel

Hometown: Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Undergraduate Education: Case Western Reserve University

Research Interests: psychometrics, personality and individual differences, and applicant decision making 


Sabrina Yu

Hometown: New York City, New York

Undergraduate Education: Baruch College

Graduate Education: Baruch College

Research Interests: recruitment and selection, personality, diversity and inclusion, training and professional development, gamification

Fifth Year Students

Carter Bonifas

Carter Bonifas

Hometown: Pinckney, Michigan

Undergraduate Education: Central Michigan University

Research Interests: employee stress/well-being, judgment and decision making, OCB/CWB, and workplace interactions

Maxwell Box

Maxwell Box

Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Undergraduate Education: Washington & Jefferson College

Research Interests: counterproductive work behavior, reactions to electronic surveillance, employee selection, workaholism, and personality


Seth Brooks

Hometown: Hobart, Washington

Undergraduate Education: University of Washington

Research Interests: occupational health psychology, stress recovery, judgment and decision making, diversity and inclusion, counterproductive work behaviors


Zachary Levey

Hometown: Folsom, New Jersey

Undergraduate Education: Rowan University

Research Interests: employee selection, psychometrics, labor relations, and individual differences

Isabelle Ponce-Pore

Isabelle Ponce-Pore

Hometown: Fort Collins, Colorado

Undergraduate Education: Colorado State University

Research Interests: AI and machine learning, the gig economy, employee wellbeing/stress, and neurodiversity

Grayson Strugis

Grayson Sturgis

Hometown: Farmington Hills, Michigan

Undergraduate Education: Eastern Michigan University

Research Interests: measurement invariance, cross-cultural organizational psychology, psychometrics, expatriate adjustment, selection and assessment, occupational health psychology 

Sixth Year Students

Profile photo of Andrew Lieman

Andrew Lieman

Hometown: Ellicot City, Maryland

Undergraduate Education: Grinnell College

Research interests: Research-practitioner divide, personnel selection and assessment, and social support and mistreatment at work.

Seventh & Eighth Year Students


Kate Den Houter

Hometown: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Undergraduate Education: Michigan State University

Research Interests: My primary research interests include diversity and inclusion, high-risk occupations, career development, and occupational health psychology.


Andrew Samo

Hometown: Montreal, Canada

Undergraduate Education: McGill University

Research Interests: I am broadly interested in the areas of performance, motivation, decision making, and individual differences.


Susannah Huang

Hometown: Sunrise, Florida

Undergraduate Education: University of Florida

Research Interests: Work motivation, sleep, mindfulness, and stress

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