Undergraduate Alumni

Is there Life After Philosophy at BGSU?

What happens to people with an undergraduate degree in philosophy?  It's a question often asked by students considering a philosophy major or minor.

Below is a list of some of our former undergraduate philosophy majors, with a little about what they have done, plan to do, or are doing now.  If you're an alum of our department, please let us know what you are doing now so we can add you to the list.

  • Emily Kallenborn: Will be attending Cleveland State University, studying law, beginning Fall 2012.  She plans to pursue mediation.
    Email: ekallen22@gmail.com

  • Hannah Nicol: Completed a Masters degree in Higher Education at the University of South Carolina.  She spent 2010-11 in Macau, China on a Fullbright Scholarship and then worked as an Assistant Lecturer in Language Studies at City University in Hong Kong for four years before returning to the USA in 2016 to take up a position as Assistant Director of International Student Affairs & ESL at the Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University, in Georgia.
    Email: nicol.hannah@gmail.com

  • Vishvini Sakthivel: Careers Advisor at Owens Community College until she spent two and a half years in the Peace Corps in Morocco, West Africa starting June 2008.  After that, she began studies in Public Policy at Georgetown University.
    Email: vish.sakthi@gmail.com

  • Christopher Shields: Professor of Classical Philosophy, Oxford University.  See his web page here.

  • Bradley Showman: Volunteered with City Year literacy tutoring program for underprivileged children in Boston, Mass.  Then returned to Bowling Green to work on community outreach with United Christian Fellowship.
    Email: bradley.showman@gmail.com
  • Levente Szentkirályi: Completed an MA in Political Philosophy at the University of Connecticutt-Storrs.  Currently working toward a PhD in Political Theory in Department of Political Science, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO.
    Email: szentkiralyi@colorado.edu


For further information about the Undergraduate program in philosophy, contact the Undergraduate Advisor, Ian Young, at iyoung@bgsu.edu or E-mail the department secretary, Margy DeLuca, at mdeluca@bgsu.edu