Philosophy Club

The Philosophy Club is a group of  mostly undergraduate, and some graduate, students who meet for various philosophically-related activities. Many attendees are philosophy majors or minors, but non-philosophy students and members of the public are very welcome.

We discuss philosophically interesting issues in a pretty informal way, sometimes accompanied by pizza and pop. Often our discussion will be centered around a particular topic, reading or film. Recent works discussed include Thomas Nagel's What is it Like to be a Bat?, Bertrand Russell's The Sex Taboo, and Michael Huemer's America's Unjust Drug War.  We are very much a member-directed group, so anyone who is interested in suggesting a particular reading, film, or activity for the group is encouraged to do so.

  • Meetings:  Every Thursday during the semester at 7:30 pm, but check with the club President for details.
  • Location: Usually 301 Shatzel Hall, but occasionally another location (check with the President for a particular week)

If you are interested in finding out what the Philosophy Club is up to this week, contact us:

Philosophy Club Contacts:

President: Roman Williams

Vice President: December Anderson

Treasurer: Ariana Beres

Philosophy Club Faculty Advisor: Dr Ian Young
Phone: 419-372-9365