Undergraduate Handbook for Philosophy Majors and Minors

Dear Philosophy Students,

Philosophy is the study of life’s biggest questions. How can we know the right thing to do?  Is there a right thing to do?  Is there a god?  Are people merely biochemical machines?  What should people do when their cherished values conflict?  How should society be organized?   Is science the best way to discover the truth--if there is truth?  What is truth, anyway?  Is there a reality that hasn’t been invented by our minds?

At Bowling Green, the Department of Philosophy stresses applied philosophy—that is, the application of our discipline to real-world situations.  Our department is, in fact, independently ranked as one of the three best in the country for the study of applied philosophy.  As one of the smaller departments at BGSU, we pride ourselves on the collegiality of our faculty and graduate assistants.  You are welcome here!

Sincerely yours,
Michael Weber
Professor and Chair
Department of Philosophy

Dear Philosophy Students,

Welcome to the Philosophy Department at BGSU!  My role, as Undergraduate Director, is helping majors, minors, and interested students with concerns about classes, selecting classes, and advisiing and career counseling.  I am also here to help keep you up to date with what is happening in the Department of Philosophy and the discipline of philosophy today.  You will find that we have a collegial and active department.  I will look forward to meeting with you to discuss philosophy, the major or minor, clubs, activities, and your life and career beyond BGSU!

Justin Donhauser

Undergraduate Director
Director of Graduate Teaching
Department of Philosophy

Updated: 02/21/2023 04:13PM