Scholarships Available

A variety of scholarships are available for Media Production and Studies majors. Contact the School of Communication Studies Office, 306 Kuhlin Center, for a list of opportunities that may not be posted here.

Media Production and Studies Scholarships Now Available

A variety of scholarships are available each year from the Media Production and Studies program:

  • J. Douglas Beaudry Memorial Scholarship
  • Joseph Black Memorial Scholarship
  • Outstanding Student Award for Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, & Senior

Details and the application form are available here - DETAILS, APPLICATION FORM

A list of EXTERNAL SCHOLARSHIPS relevant to MDIA students is also provided here. For more information, contact the SMC main office, 306 Kuhlin Center, 419-372-8349.

Media Production and Studies Scholarships 

The Media Production and Studies program annually awards several scholarships to outstanding MDIA students. Applications are due every February.

Pick it up in the School of Media and Communication, 306 Kuhlin Center.

Return completed applications to:
School of Media and Communication
306 Kuhlin Center

Scholarship Details

Talent Scholarships are awarded to qualified students for the positions of General Manager of the student-operated radio stations, WBGU-FM and WFAL-AM. Recipients receive full tuition and general fee waivers for the academic year chosen. Selection Criteria: Preferred major in Media Production and Studies; minimum 2.5 GPA.

The WBGU-FM Chamber of Commerce fund will support the Radio Talent Performance Scholarship, which is awarded to qualified BGSU students that demonstrate exemplary talent in radio broadcasting and a commitment to volunteer service at the radio station.

To be eligible for the Radio Talent Performance Scholarship, students must:

  • Actively participate in radio activities at BGSU;
  • Have volunteered for a minimum of 50 hours in student radio activities during the  preceding academic year, prior to applying for the scholarship;
  • Have a minimum GPA of 2.25;
  • Demonstrate proficiency in radio broadcast techniques by including an audio sample concurrent with the scholarship application.

Annual $500 scholarship awarded in honor of Joseph Black. Selection criteria: TCOM major with accumulated 60-105 semester hours by the end of spring semester; minimum 3.2 GPA. In the event that equally qualified candidates for the scholarship exist, preference will be given to those from Cuyahoga County. Scholarship applicants must present evidence of their ability in one of the following forms: audio or video tape of on-air work; a portfolio presentation of radio or television work; a contribution in some aspect of broadcasting that leads to on-air performance.

This scholarship commemorates Doug Beaudry, one of three brothers to graduate from BGSU in the 1980s. While at BGSU, Doug was active in radio sales and as an on-air personality at WFAL-AM. He was successful in the radio industry after graduation, but tragically died in a 1993 auto accident, ending his promising career. The annual $500 scholarship is awarded in honor of Doug Beaudry and his contributions to radio. Selection criteria: Sophomore or junior TCOM major actively participating in the department; minimum 2.5 GPA; involved in a media-related student activity. This may include, but is not limited to, the following organizations: WFAL, WBGU-FM, BG Radio Sports, BG Radio News, and BG-24 News.

This scholarship is a faculty nominated annual award presented to one TCOM student in each grade level who is performing at an above average capacity in coursework while being involved in media-related extracurricular activities. There is no minimum GPA required for consideration, however, grade point averages will be considered in the selection process. Awards will be applied to tuition and instructional fees. The monetary awards for the scholarships are: Outstanding Senior -- $200, Outstanding Junior -- $100, Outstanding Sophomore -- $100, Outstanding Freshman -- $100.

To Support Professional Development Opportunities for TCOM Students

The TCOM Alumni Advisory Board & Subcommittee members established the TCOM Alumni Student Development Fund. The fund will provide financial support (up to $400 per request) to outstanding TCOM majors for the purpose of professional development which can include the following expenses:

  1. Travel and accommodation costs to attend professional conferences related to telecommunications & media studies.
  2. Registration fees for professional conferences related to telecommunications & media studies.
  3. Cost of purchasing relevant, professional reference books or other educational materials.
  4. Entry fees for film festivals or other media industry-related contests, competitions, and preparation of materials for such competition..
  5. Student membership fees for media and telecommunications-related professional associations and organizations.
  6. Partial support for travel or accommodation expenses incurred at out-of-state prestigious media company internships.

How You Can Apply:

Students will fill out the attached official application form and provide justification for their expenses. Based on the student’s credentials, the TCOM scholarship committee will decide if the request merits support. Students will need to provide necessary documentation after expenses have been incurred to be reimbursed.

A minimum of two-weeks in advance of the incurred expense request is expected. The form should be submitted electronically to Dr. Sung-Yeon Park, Chair of the TCOM scholarship committee, at The committee will inform you of their decision within two weeks of receipt of requests.


Established in 2001 by Dr. J. Michael Sproule and Dr. Betty Ann Sproule, this annual award of $200 is presented to a qualified student who demonstrates excellence in their chosen area of communication studies.

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