Pi Kappa Delta

Pi Kappa Delta is a National Forensics and Communication Honorary Society. The organization was established in the 1930s, and has a very active presence on campus. 

Mission, Vision and Values Statement

Mission: Pi Kappa Delta is an honorary consisting of educators, students and alumni that cultivates articulate citizenship through the promotion of ethical, humane and inclusive communication and educational practices; supports comprehensive approaches to forensics pedagogy and practice; encourages the creation of professional development opportunities for forensic educators; and seeks to expand access to intercollegiate speech and debate activities. Pi Kappa Delta supports a broad diversity of speech and debate events, forms and formats, and works to nurture the institutional and financial capacity of the entire forensic community.

Vision: When Pi Kappa Delta’s mission has been fully realized, organized intercollegiate forensic programs will exist on nearly every college campus; students will have access to participation in a wide variety of speech and debate events and formats; speech and debate programs will be well staffed and amply funded; teachers and scholars will have access to the resources necessary to maintain and advance forensics education; and scholarship and grant opportunities will be available to support individuals and programs in need. Those who have participated in programming sponsored by Pi Kappa Delta will value “the Art of Persuasion, Beautiful and Just,” and will be well prepared to lead just lives of leadership and service in a global community. 

Updated: 03/27/2024 09:50PM