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All faculty and staff in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics have offices on the fourth floor of the Mathematical Sciences Building (MSC). Pictures, offices, phone numbers, Email addresses and other information are listed below. Office phones have voicemail. For location assistance, see the fourth floor plan. They may also be reached by calling the Department Office (419-372-2636) and leaving a message.

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Dr. James Albert

Albert, James Ph.D., Purdue U.

Position: Distinguished University Professor
Phone: 419-372-7456
Email: albert@bgsu.edu
Address: 407 MSC

Bayesian inference, statistics education, statistical thinking in sports

Rachel Barnett

Barnett, Rachel

Position: Adjunct Instructor
Phone: 419-372-7459
Email: barnetr@bgsu.edu
Address: 431 MSC

Dr. Juan Bes

Bes, Juan PhD, Kent State University

Position: Professor
Phone: 419-372-7473
Email: jbes@bgsu.edu
Address: 421 MSC

Lada Carlisle

Carlisle, Lada

Position: Adjunct Instructor
Phone: 419-372-2207
Email: ycarlis@bgsu.edu
Address: 431 MSC

Dr. Kit Chan

Chan, Kit Ph.D., U. of Michigan

Position: Professor
Phone: 419-372-7468
Email: kchan@bgsu.edu
Address: 415 MSC

Functional analysis, function theory

Dr. Hanfeng Chen

Chen, Hanfeng Ph.D., U. of Wisconsin-Madison

Position: Professor
Phone: 419-372-7463
Email: hchen@bgsu.edu
Address: 423 MSC

Data analysis,statistical inference

Dr. John Chen

Chen, John Ph.D., University of Sydney

Position: Professor
Phone: 419-372-7461
Email: jchen@bgsu.edu
Address: 428 MSC

Probability, biostatistics

Dr. So-Hsiang Chou

Chou, So-Hsiang Ph.D., U. of Pittsburgh

Position: Professor
Phone: 419-372-8225
Email: chou@bgsu.edu
Address: 412 MSC

Numerical analysis, fluid mechanics

Dr. Chou's website

Barbara Christman

Christman, Barbara

Position: Assistant Teaching Professor
Phone: 419-372-1028
Email: bchris@bgsu.edu
Address: 204 OLCS

Ann Darke

Darke, Ann

Position: Teaching Professor/ Foundational Math Coordinator
Phone: 419-372-7458
Email: darkea@bgsu.edu
Address: 411 MSC

Dr. Daria Filippova

Filippova, Daria, Ph.D., Bowling Green State University

Position: Teaching Professor
Phone: 419-372-7451
Email: dariaf@bgsu.edu
Address: 434 MSC

Irina Franke

Franke, Irina

Position: Teaching Professor
Phone: 419-372-6651
Email: ifranke@bgsu.edu
Address: 441 MSC

Phillip Funtulis

Funtulis, Phillip

Position: Assistant Teaching Professor
Phone: 419-372-2374
Email: pjfuntu@bgsu.edu
Address: 418 MSC

Michelle Heckman

Heckman, Michelle

Position: Associate Teaching Professor/Math Emporium Director
Phone: 419-372-1028
Email: mheckma@bgsu.edu
Address: 439 MSC

Konra Holman

Holman, Konra

Position: Assistant Teaching Professor
Phone: 419-372-7449
Email: konradh@bgsu.edu
Address: 410 MSC

Islambekov, Umar Ph.D., University of Texas at Dallas, Ph.D. University of Arizona

Position: Assistant Professor
Phone: 419-372-6079
Email: iumar@bgsu.edu
Address: 432 MSC

Dr. Alex Izzo

Izzo, Alexander Ph.D., U. of California-Berkeley

Position: Professor
Phone: 419-372-2073
Email: aizzo@bgsu.edu
Address: 417 MSC

Banach algebras; functional analysis; several complex variables

Dr. Izzo's website

Jeremy Joseph

Joseph, Jeremy

Position: Adjunct Instructor
Phone: 372-2823
Email: jjoseph@bgsu.edu
Address: 140 Jerome Library

Dr. David Meel

Meel, David E. Ed.D., U. of Pittsburgh

Position: Professor
Phone: 419-372-7452
Email: meel@bgsu.edu
Address: 414 MSC

Mathematics education

Dr. Meel's website

Christy Miller

Miller, Christina, Ph.D., Bowling Green State University

Position: Teaching Professor
Phone: 419-372-7997
Email: chrismm@bgsu.edu
Address: 424 MSC

Dr Diem Nguyen

Nguyen, Diem M. Ph.D., Texas A&M U.

Position: Associate Professor
Phone: 419-372-4713
Email: dnguyen@bgsu.edu
Address: 420 MSC

Mathematics for communication & technology, e-learning

Dr. Nguyen's website

Dr. Wei Ning

Ning, Wei Ph.D., Syracuse U.

Position: Professor
Phone: 419-372-7462
Email: wning@bgsu.edu
Address: 409 MSC


Dr. Wei's website

Dr. Kimberly Rogers

Rogers, Kimberly Ph.D, Michigan State

Position: Associate Professor
Phone: 419-372-7450
Email: kcroger@bgsu.edu
Address: 408 MSC

Mathematics Education

Dr. Rogers's website

Dr. Maria Rizzo

Rizzo, Maria Ph.D., BGSU

Position: Professor
Phone: 419-372-7474
Email: mrizzo@bgsu.edu
Address: 413 MSC

Actuarial science, statistics

Dr. Rizzo's website

Dr. Steve Seubert

Seubert, Steven M. Ph.D., U. of Virginia.

Position: Professor and Graduate Coordinator
Phone: 419-372-2179
Email: sseuber@bgsu.edu
Address: 435 MSC

Functional analysis, operator theory

Dr. Junfeng Shang

Shang, Junfeng Ph.D., U. of Missouri

Position: Professor and Chair
Phone: 419-372-7457
Email: jshang@bgsu.edu
Address: 458 MSC

Dr. Mihai Staic

Staic, Mihai Ph.D. State U of New York at Buffalo

Position: Associate Professor
Phone: 419-372-6657
Email: mstaic@bgsu.edu
Address: 426 MSC

Dr. Tong Sun

Sun, Tong Ph.D., Texas A&M U.

Position: Professor and Assistant Chair
Phone: 419-372-7460
Email: tsun@bgsu.edu
Address: 436 MSC

Numerical analysis, scientific computations

Dr. Tong's website

Debra Trace

Trace, Debra

Position: Associate Teaching Professor
Phone: 419-372-6658
Email: dtrace@bgsu.edu
Address: 405 MSC

Dr. Gordon Wade

Wade, J. Gordon Ph.D., Brown U.

Position: Associate Professor
Phone: 419-372-0240
Email: gwade@bgsu.edu
Address: 419 MSC

Applied mathematics, actuarial science

Dr. Wade's website


Ward, Ben Ph.D., Purdue University

Position: Assistant Professor
Phone: 419-372-7472
Email: benward@bgsu.edu
Address: 427 MSC

Dr. Xiangdong Xie

Xie, Xiangdong Ph.D, University of Utah

Position: Professor
Phone: 419-372-8317
Email: xiex@bgsu.edu
Address: 425 MSC

Geometric group theory, Geometric analysis

Dr. Xie's website

Xiaofen Zhang

Zhang, Xiaofen, Ph.D., Illinois State University

Position: Assistant Teaching Professor
Phone: 419-372-6656
Email: xiaofz@bgsu.edu
Address: MSC 437

Dr. Craig Zirbel

Zirbel, Craig L. Ph.D., Princeton U.

Position: Professor and Undergraduate Coordinator
Phone: 419-372-7466
Email: zirbel@bgsu.edu
Address: 438 MSC

Probability, stochastic processes, RNA bioinformatics

Dr. Zirbel's website

Sandra Zirkes

Zirkes, Sandra

Position: Teaching Professor
Phone: 419-372-2178
Email: szirkes@bgsu.edu
Address: 422 MSC


Anna Kelling

Kelling, Anna

Position: Senior Secretary/Graduate Secretary
Phone: 419-372-2637
Email: arlynch@bgsu.edu
Address: 454 MSC

Amber Snyder

Snyder, Amber

Position: Administrative Assistant
Phone: 419-372-2638
Email: amber@bgsu.edu
Address: 456 MSC