Faculty Research Groups

Algebra and Topology Faculty


Staic, Mihai Ph.D. State U of New York at Buffalo

Position: Associate Professor
Phone: 419-372-6657
Email: mstaic@bgsu.edu
Address: 426 MSC


Ward, Ben Ph.D., Purdue University

Position: Assistant Professor
Phone: 419-372-7472
Email: benward@bgsu.edu
Address: 427 MSC



Xie, Xiangdong Ph.D, University of Utah

Position: Professor
Phone: 419-372-8317
Email: xiex@bgsu.edu
Address: 427 MSC

Geometric group theory, Geometric analysis

Dr. Xie's website

Analysis Faculty



Bes, Juan PhD, Kent State University

Position: Professor
Phone: 419-372-7473
Email: jbes@bgsu.edu
Address: 421 MSC


Chan, Kit Ph.D., U. of Michigan

Position: Professor
Phone: 419-372-7468
Email: kchan@bgsu.edu
Address: 415 MSC

Functional analysis, function theory


Izzo, Alexander Ph.D., U. of California-Berkeley

Position: Professor
Phone: 419-372-2073
Email: aizzo@bgsu.edu
Address: 417 MSC

Banach algebras; functional analysis; several complex variables

Dr. Izzo's website


Seubert, Steven M. Ph.D., U. of Virginia.

Position: Professor and Graduate Coordinator
Phone: 419-372-2179
Email: sseuber@bgsu.edu
Address: 435 MSC

Functional analysis, operator theory


Chou, So-Hsiang Ph.D., U. of Pittsburgh

Position: Professor
Phone: 419-372-8225
Email: chou@bgsu.edu
Address: 412 MSC

Numerical analysis, fluid mechanics
Dr. Chou's website


Sun, Tong Ph.D., Texas A&M U.

Position: Professor and Assistant Chair
Phone: 419-372-7460
Email: tsun@bgsu.edu
Address: 436 MSC

Numerical analysis, scientific computations

Dr. Tong's website


Wade, J. Gordon Ph.D., Brown U.

Position: Associate Professor
Phone: 419-372-0240
Email: gwade@bgsu.edu
Address: 419 MSC

Applied mathematics, actuarial science

Dr. Wade's website


Meel, David E. Ed.D., U. of Pittsburgh

Position: Professor
Phone: 419-372-7453
Email: meel@bgsu.edu
Address: 414 MSC

Mathematics education

Dr. Meel's website


Nguyen, Diem M. Ph.D., Texas A&M U.

Position: Associate Professor
Phone: 419-372-7454
Email: dnguyen@bgsu.edu
Address: 420 MSC

Mathematics for communication & technology, e-learning

Dr. Nguyen's website


Rogers, Kimberly Ph.D, Michigan State

Position: Associate Professor
Phone: 419-372-7450
Email: kcroger@bgsu.edu
Address: 408 MSC

Mathematics Education

Dr. Rogers's website


Albert, James Ph.D., Purdue U.

Position: Distinguished University Professor
Phone: 419-372-7456
Email: albert@bgsu.edu
Address: 407 MSC

Bayesian inference, statistics education, statistical thinking in sports


Chen, Hanfeng Ph.D., U. of Wisconsin-Madison

Position: Professor
Phone: 419-372-7463
Email: hchen@bgsu.edu
Address: 458 MSC

Data analysis,statistical inference


Chen, John Ph.D., University of Sydney

Position: Professor
Phone: 419-372-7461
Email: jchen@bgsu.edu
Address: 428 MSC

Probability, biostatistics


Islambekov, Umar Ph.D., University of Texas at Dallas, Ph.D. University of Arizona

Position: Assistant Professor
Phone: 419-372-6079
Email: iumar@bgsu.edu
Address: 432 MSC

Data science, topological data analysis


Ning, Wei Ph.D., Syracuse U.

Position: Professor
Phone: 419-372-7462
Email: wning@bgsu.edu
Address: 409 MSC


Dr. Wei's website


Rizzo, Maria Ph.D., BGSU

Position: Professor
Phone: 419-372-7474
Email: mrizzo@bgsu.edu
Address: 413 MSC

Actuarial science, statistics

Dr. Rizzo's website


Shang, Junfeng Ph.D., U. of Missouri

Position: Professor and Chair
Phone: 419-372-7457
Email: jshang@bgsu.edu
Address: 430 MSC


Zirbel, Craig L. Ph.D., Princeton U.

Position: Professor and Undergraduate Coordinator
Phone: 419-372-7466
Email: zirbel@bgsu.edu
Address: 438 MSC

Probability, stochastic processes

Dr. Zirbel's website