Transfer Requests

University Writing Program Transfer Request Policy

Purpose of Transfer Requests

Students transferring to BGSU who have taken composition courses at another university will find that the offices of Registration and Records or Transfer Evaluations can usually determine the proper transfer credit for composition courses. Upon receiving your transfer evaluation, you might learn that a composition course does not transfer. If you believe that the course should transfer, you can submit a transfer request to have a member of the University Writing Program office review the course in more detail.

Transfer Request Process

1.  Locate an official course description from your prior university’s catalog (usually available online) that identifies WRIT 1110 and WRIT 1120 skills and knowledge as course objectives. You can learn more about our course outcomes here.

2.   Locate a syllabus from the semester in which you took the course that clearly details the assignments required for the course (including type of writing, length, required source materials, etc.) and that highlights WRIT 1110 or WRIT 1120 skills and knowledge as course objectives. If you can locate writing prompts, please include them. (Note: University departments keep syllabi for many years; you may need to contact your former university to obtain a copy of the syllabus from the semester in which you took the course.)

4.   Submit 1) official course description, 2) syllabus, and 3) transfer request form as an email attachment to Your transfer request will not be considered without all three attachments.

The Associate Director of UWP will direct the Office of Registration and Records to transfer the composition course as BGSU's WRIT 1110 or WRIT 1120 only if the composition course required the components outlined in the transfer request form. Essays and research papers written in classes other than the composition course the student is trying to transfer as WRIT 1110 or WRIT 1120 will have no bearing on the transfer credit decision for WRIT 1110 or WRIT 1120.  

If the Associate Director determines that the course is not transferable as WRIT 1110 or WRIT 1120, the student will need to take WRIT 1110 and WRIT 1120 prior to graduation, preferably as soon as possible.

Updated: 01/25/2023 06:08PM