National Day on Writing

October 20th is known as the National Day on Writing, which is an initiative sponsored by the National Council of Teachers of English, an organization that felt writing needed more attention through celebration. For the past 11 years, people have been sharing the importance of writing in their lives through a variety of activities under the theme #WhyIWrite.

Writing seems like an odd thing to celebrate. But, when you complicate what writing is by realizing it is more than “pen and paper” assignments for school, you begin to understand how powerful writing can be. From social media and medical charting to police reports and even grocery lists, writing is a way of organizing activity and creating community. This powerful tool is something to be celebrated!

To celebrate writing for the 2021 National Day on Writing, the University Writing Program is launching a digital literacy project. Our goal is to capture stories about writing through short videos from a diverse range of writers. Today, we launch this project by featuring digital literacy narratives from Freddie and Frieda and BGSU administrators, faculty, and students, both graduate and undergraduate.

Do you have story to tell about the importance of writing in your life? We’d love to help you tell it! Reach out to us at to learn more.

Freddie and Frieda Falcon Literacy Narrative

Check out Freddie and Frieda Falcon as they share with us why they believe writing is important.

Glenn Davis Literacy Narrative

Glenn Davis, Associate Provost, relates why writing is important to his work and his life.

Kitty Burroughs Literacy Narrative

See Kitty Burroughs, professor in the English Department, describe her literacy journey and why it is important to her.

Cassidy McGee Literacy Narrative

Cassidy McGee, a first-year student, is a member of the Chapman Learning Community. She is also a student in the Pet Rescue & Adoption class that is offered via Chapman. She is currently taking WRIT 1110 this semester.

Alexis Tremaine Literacy Narrative

Alexis Tremaine is a sophomore honor student majoring in Criminal Justice and Psychology. She is also a Classroom-Based Consultant, an embedded writing tutor in WRIT 1110 and its co-requisite, WRIT 1010. See her talk about her literacy journey.

TJ Pyatt Literacy Narrative

TJ Pyatt is a first-year PhD student in Rhetoric and Writing studies. Watch his literacay narrative to learn how he engages with literacy and writing.

Updated: 10/20/2021 08:32AM