Sheri Wells-Jensen

Sheri Wells Jensen 

Associate Professor
Coordinator of the TESOL Certificate
Coordinator of the Undergraduate Linguistic Minor

423 East Hall

Degrees and Institutions

Ph.D. Linguistics, State University of New York, University of Buffalo
M.A. Spanish and Applied Linguistics, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
B.A. Psychology and Sociology, Adrian College

Area: ESOL, TESOL, and Linguistics

Research Interests: Psycholinguistics (especially cross-linguistic aspects of speech production and speech errors), applied phonology, phonetics, General Linguistics, braille literacy and processing, voice identification, xenolinguistics, language preservation,  Miranda Rights and second language speakers', Language Creation, community ESOL, Universal design and accessible language classrooms.

Courses Taught

ENG 5100: TESOL Methods
ENG 6150: Intro to Linguistics
ENG 5180: Applied Phonology;
ENG 5170: Applied Syntax;
ENG 3800: Linguistics for Language Arts Teachers;
ENG 3810: Grammar & Writing;
ENG 2900: Language Study
ESOL 1000: Academic Composition I
ESOL 5030: Intermediate Speaking and Listening

Select Publications

Wells-Jensen, Sheri, Juli McCarroll, Brett Holden, Jason Wells-Jensen, George Clay, Jordan Lachler, Sean Burke, and André Swartley. 2011. "Service-learning and Oroha language preservation: A combination that worked." LACUS Forum 38. 

Wells-Jensen Sheri, Ford, SM. 2010. Braille. In: JH Stone, M Blouin, editors. International Encyclopedia of Rehabilitation. Available online:

Wells-Jensen, Sheri; Stephanie Hughes and Derek Daniels (2008) What Classroom Language Teachers Should Know About Communication Disorders. Asian Quarterly: An International Journal of Contemporary Issues. V6 #2 p9-32

Wells-Jensen, Sheri. (2006). Blind Students and the ESL Classroom: Accessibility Improves Class for Everyone. In Machado & Blumenthal (Eds.), Perspectives on Community College ESL: Volume 2: Students, Mission, and Advocacy. TESOL (131-150). Alexandria, Virginia.

Wells-Jensen, Sheri, Bradley Gosche & Sean M. Burke.  (2008). The Writing of Braille: Hand, Finger and Frequency Effects on Error and Accuracy Patterns.  British Journal of Visual Impairment.

Wells-Jensen, Sheri, Aaron Schwartz & Bradley Gosche. (2007). A Cognitive Approach to Brailling Errors. Journal of Visual Impairment and Blindness. Volume 101. Number 7 p. 416-28.

Wells-Jensen, Sheri. (2007). A Cross-Linguistic Speech Error Investigation of Functional Complexity. Journal of Psycholinguistic Research, 36 (2), 107-157.

Wells-Jensen, Sheri. (2007). A Braille Orthography for tlhIngan.  Speculative Grammarian. Online publication.

Wells-Jensen, Sheri. 2006. "Braille Literacy for ESL Students." in Perspectives on ESL for Community Colleges, Volume Two, ed. Amy Blumenthal.

Wells-Jensen, Sheri.  2005.  "The Braille IPA and Other Issues: The Blind Student in the Phonetics Classroom."  Journal of the International Phonetic Association.  Volume 35:2: 221-30.

Wells-Jensen, Sheri, Jason Wells-Jensen, and Gabrielle Belknap.  2005. "Changing the Public’s Attitude Toward Braille: A Grassroots Approach."  Journal of Visual Impairment and Blindness, 99:3: 133-40. 

Work in Progress

tenBroek Library Project: consultant in Grade III Braille archival work: 2009 to present: research in the facility with which grade 3 braille is used by expert braillists

Voice Database Project: a service and research project in speaker identification:

Oroha Language Revitalization Project