Sheri Wells-Jensen

Sheri Wells Jensen 

Associate Professor
Coordinator of the TESOL Certificate
Coordinator of the Undergraduate Linguistic Minor

423 East Hall

Degrees and Institutions

Ph.D. Linguistics, State University of New York, University of Buffalo
M.A. Spanish and Applied Linguistics, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
B.A. Psychology and Sociology, Adrian College

Area: ESOL, TESOL, and Linguistics

Research Interests: Disability and inclusion in space exploration, astrobiology, disability studies, linguistics, TESOL, Braille

Select Recent Publications

Wells-Jensen, S. B., Wells-Jensen, J., Sorg, A., & Tiede, G. P. (forthcoming 2019). Alternative Perceptual Systems and Discovery of Basic Astronomical Phenomena. In Cognition and Communication in Extraterrestrial Intelligence.

Wells-Jensen, S. B. (2019). How Do You Get Around? There’s No One Strategy to Get There. The Braille Monitor.

Wells-Jensen, S. B., Miele, J. A., & Bohney, B. (2019). An Alternate Vision for Colonization. Futures.

Wells-Jensen, S. B., et al. (2019). The Great Colonization Debate. Futures.

Wells-Jensen, S. B. (2018). The Case for Disabled Astronauts. Scientific American.

Wells-Jensen, S. B. (2018). An Ordinary Stranger. Rejoinder (An Online Journal Published by the Institute for Research on Women at Rutgers University).

Wells-Jensen, S. B. (2018). The Daily Accidents of Life: Consequence of Blindness? Or Being Human? The Braille Monitor.

Select Recent Presentations:

Wells-Jensen, S. B. (2019, June). We Have the Right to Wonder: All the Way to the Stars. SciAccess Conference. Columbus, OH: Center of Science and Industry.

Wells-Jensen, S. B. (2019, May). Preparing to Survive: The Case for Disabled Astronauts and Colonists. FISO Teleconference.

Wells-Jensen, S. B., Kryzhanivska, A., & Hunter, L. (2019, April). Blind Rage, Blind Copies, and Blind Dates: A Cross-Linguistic Analysis of Ableist Collocations. Society for Disability Studies Conference. Columbus, OH.

Wells-Jensen, S. B., & Orchard, R. (2018, May). Spinning the Golden Record: Interstellar Miscommunication at 16-2/3 RPM. International Space Development Conference. Los Angeles, CA: National Space Society.

Wells-Jensen, S. B., & Meile, J. (2018, May). Inclusion of Disabled People in Early Colonization: A Case for Improved Survival. International Space Development Conference. Los Angeles, CA: National Space Society.

Wells-Jensen, S. B. (2018, April). How Would Blind Scientists Discover the Stars? Reimagining Basic Scientific Progress. Society for Disability Studies Conference.

Wells-Jensen, S. B. (2018, April). Things You Didn’t See because You Were Looking: Blind Aliens, Science and Interspecies Miscommunication. Social and Conceptual Issues in Astrobiology (SoCia) Conference. University of Nevada, Reno.

Wells-Jensen, S. B. (2018, March). Imagining Life on other Planets; Reimagining Life on Earth. ICS Fellows Lecture. BGSU Planetarium: Institute for the Study of Culture and Society (ICS).

Select Recent Media References:

How Could We Decode a Message from Extraterrestrials?Forbes by Elizabeth Fernandez, July 21, 2019

They Learned a New Language – And then Discovered a Whole New World OnlineMEL by Quinn Myers, June 2019

It’s Time to Rethink Who’s Best Suited for Space TravelWired by Rose Eveleth, Jan. 27, 2019

 “Why Kids May Be the Key to Communicating with Alien LifeSlate by Kate Morgan, July 12, 2018

How to Talk with AliensScience Friday Podcast Interview with Christopher Intagliata, Apr. 13, 2018

What ‘Arrival’ Got Right about Communicating with Space AliensNBC MACH interview with Denise Chow, July 6, 2018

How to Communicate with Aliens” Smithsonian’s Air & Space by Dirk Schulze-Makuch, May 31, 2018

NASA’s Golden Record May Baffle Alien Life, Say ResearchersThe Guardian by Ian Sample, May 26, 2018

What Linguistics Can Tell Us about Talking to AliensScientific American by Adam Mann, Oct. 9, 2018


Institute for Culture and Society Fellow: Spring 2018

Member of Advisory Board: Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence International

Member at Large: Social and Cultural Issues in Astrobiology

Consultant ELPA21: Assisted with creation of Braille ESOL test for blind and visually impaired children

Discussant: International Symposium on Braille Research: Rice University.

Guest on NPR's Science Friday, November 2016

Consultant for Scholastic Books: Designer of the Ragayo Language for the Bear Haven book series

Courses Taught

ENG 2900: Language Study
ENG 3800: Linguistics for Language Arts Teachers
ENG 3810: Grammar & Writing
ENG 5100: TESOL Methods
ENG 5170: Applied Syntax
ENG 5180: Applied Phonology
ENG 6150: Intro to Linguistics
ESOL 1000: Academic Composition I
ESOL 5030: Intermediate Speaking and Listening

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