Milestones to Your BFA Degree

Note: This is intended as a general guide. It is not intended to replace all detailed requirements for the degree clearly outlined in the Undergraduate Catalog and in your Student Degree Audit Report (aka DARS Report), found by logging in to MYBGSU. If you need to meet with an advisor about progress toward your degree, contact the College of Arts & Sciences at 419-372-2015.

FIRST TWO YEARS. You're on your way to Land's End (see the pic)! Only 16 miles to go!


In these two years, you'll be completing general education courses, along with some courses you need for the BFA major. Go to this page for the current requirements. If you scroll down, you'll find a link to a PDF check sheet. Like DARS on MYBGSU, this indicates total courses you need to take AND it breaks down courses in the major by year in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th years. It's a pretty good guide.

MiLE 7:

To stay on track you MUST complete four courses: Eng 2040, Eng 2050, Eng 2060, and Eng 2090. When you have completed THREE of these courses, and are enrolled in the FOURTH course, during the fifth week of this FOURTH course, you MUST prepare and submit a writing portfolio. Your writing portfolio will be evaluated to determine if you will be invited to continue on in the BFA major and enroll in 3rd-year (e.g 3000-level) creative writing courses. You can get the guidelines for preparing the portfolio.

MiLE 8:

You can start to enroll in Eng 0990, Creative Writing Common Time in the first two years. It's a fun and enriching experience involving readings and lectures by visiting writers, MFA writers, creative writing faculty, and BFA seniors. You need four semesters to graduate.

MiLE 9:

Finally, in these two years, it's a good idea to declare a minor by going to the College of Arts and Sciences (A&S) office, 205 Administration Building. You MUST have a minor to get your BFA degree. You may as well get started on it.

THIRD YEAR. You're getting there. Nine miles behind you and seven more to reach Land's End!

MiLE 10:

If you have NO semesters of Eng 0990 yet, you should enroll in it every semester, beginning fall of the third year. You need four semesters of Eng 0990 to graduate.

MiLE 11:

In your third year, you'll mainly complete 3000-level courses for the major as well as continuing to finish up other general education requirements. This is when you MUST complete a the Junior Audit. Contact the College of Arts & Sciences at 419-372-2015. The Junior Audit is the basis on which A&S makes sure you're on track for graduation--so get it done!

FOURTH YEAR. Just the last few miles and you can smell the ocean in the air. Don't give up! Only 5 miles to go to Land's End!

MiLE 12:

First off, don't forget to APPLY TO GRADUATE. You can apply on MYBGSU. You can find the dates / deadlines to apply for graduation by downloading the appropriate Academic Calendar here.

MiLE 13:

Next, you must ask a creative writing faculty member to advise your BFA thesis. Go to this page for a listing of faculty (but the Distinguished Visiting Writer will not be advising BFA theses). You may also ask instructors other than those listed on the creative writing faculty page IF YOU HAVE HAD THEM FOR ENG 3120, 3130, 4120, OR 4130.

MiLE 14:

Next, don't forget that you MUST enroll in Eng 4970, BFA Senior Thesis Workshop, and complete it. You cannot pass the course unless you complete your BFA thesis. You can get the guidelines to prepare your BFA thesis.

MiLE 15:

Another task you MUST complete to pass Eng 4970 is to give a brief public reading from work in your thesis. You'll read in Eng 0990, affectionately known as the Prout Reading Series. See the Reading Series schedule here for dates of the BFA graduation readings. Contact the Eng 0990 instructor to get on the reading schedule.

MiLE 16:

Want to graduate with honors? Check here to see English Department guidelines.

THAT'S IT. YOU'VE REACHED LAND'S END! Feel the sand between your toes, sea breeze in your nostrils. Race into the oncoming breakers! Enjoy. You've earned it.