Undergraduate Programs

Core Curriculum

All majors in the School take a rigorous core curriculum in their junior and senior years that consists of a theory course (CCS 3030: Intersections of Gender, Race & Culture), a service-learning course (CCS 3710 Gender, Race & Culture in Community-Based Practice), a research methods course (CCS 4850: Qualitative Research Methods), and a writing course (CCS 4860: Capstone Seminar).

Taking the courses with other majors across CCS helps students develop a stronger sense of community and interdisciplinary connection. CCS minors are welcome to take these courses as well.


All majors and minors in the School may take up to 4 hours of CCS 4890: Internship.  Although not required, internships are strongly encouraged because they help students better understand career options and make important networking connections.

Events and Community

Students in the School participate in a range of campus events related to their areas of study.  We encourage students to attend a wide arrange of events, participate in related co-curricular activities, and organize events, and engage their fellow students.  Follow us on a variety of Social Media platforms to keep up with community events and engagements!

Are you interested in our majors but concerned about what you will do with this degree when you graduate?  If so, check out our Alumni Spotlight and see what recent graduates are doing now.


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