Research & Writing

Majors learn how to do qualitative research and get hands-on experience designing research projects, conducting interviews and doing fieldwork in CCS 4850.  This senior capstone experience culminates in CCS 4860 where students complete a research project that they designed and conducted.

Recent Capstone Projects:

Spring 2021
  • William Ezzell, Popular Culture
    "Live From A Studio Audience: How M*A*S*H and All in the Family discussed and educated audiences on the Vietnam War."
    Faculty Consultant: Dr. Rob Sloane
  • Clare de Lune, Popular Culture
    "Transition and Transcendence: Graphic Novels as a Mode of Transgender Expression"
    Faculty Consultant: Dr. Charles Coletta
  • Shelby Kuney, Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
    "Understanding Lesbian Gender: a Recontextualization of Lesbian Gender and Identity Through the Non-Binary Lesbian"
    Faculty Consultant: Dr. Tessa Pyles
  • Mikayla Ernst, Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
    "Exploring Bowling Green State University’s Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program Through a Survey of Individual Experience"
    Faculty Consultant: Dr. Sarah Rainey-Smithback
  • Donovan Gaffney, Ethnic Studies
    "Addressing Race on the Longest street in the world: Sesame Street!"
    Faculty Consultant: Dr. Thomas Edge
  • Madison Everett, Ethnic Studies
    "Something to Fall Back On: An Analysis of the Black Church as a Model for Other All-Black Spaces"
    Faculty Consultant: Dr. Thomas Edge
  • Alan Martinez, Ethnic Studies
    "Expanding Across the Pacific: Establishing Chinese-Mexican Culture in 20th Century North America"
    Faculty Consultant: Dr. Luis Moreno
  • Kristin McKeown, Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
    "A Novel Remote Team-Based Learning Platform for Medical Students Using Readily Available Technology"
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Sarah Rainey-Smithback
Spring 2020
  • Collin J. Andrews (Major PopC; minor in History)
    "Dungeons & Dragons: An Investigation of the Game’s Recent Popularity"
  • Carter D. Bracy (Major Ethnic Studies; minor in geography)
    “Hot, Hot Humboldt Park: Real Estate Vernacular and its Effects on Gentrification”
  • Gretel J. Thorpe (Major ACS; minors in Design for Social Impact, non-profit administration, and political science)
    "Material Artifacts of the Contemporary EDM Festival Scene: Commerce, Community, and Counterculture"

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