All CCS students are encouraged to take CCS 4890: Internship. Up to 4 hours of internship credit can be counted toward a student’s major or minor in the School.

Internships are a great way to learn about careers related to cultural and critical studies and to network with future employers and colleagues.

We have had interns placed at agencies all across the United States, including:

  • Brown Bag Project, Bowling Green Ohio
  • Toledo Fair Housing Center, Toledo Ohio
  • La Conexión, Bowling Green Ohio
  • Childbirth the Way Nature Intended, Inc., Grayslake, Illinois
  • Camp Summit, Paradise, Texas
  • Prosecutor’s Office, Bowling Green Ohio
  • Crime Victim Services in Ottawa, Ohio
  • YWCA West Central Michigan, Grand Rapids
  • Ms. Magazine, Los Angeles, California
  • Planned Parenthood, Toledo, Ohio

Please check out our Internship FAQ’s below. If you have further information, contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies for the School.

Internship FAQ's

  • 2.5 cumulative GPA
  • Completed 6 credit hours of course credit in CCS (ACS, ETHN, POPC, or WGSS)
  •  Complete Application

CCS 3710 is highly recommended, but not required.

Yes, CCS 4890 is repeatable; however, you can only count up to 4 credit hours to your major or minor in the School. If you wanted to try two different internships, you can do an internship for 2 credit hours one semester at site A, and then an additional 2 credit hours another semester at site B.

1 credit hour of internship means that you are working 32 hours for the site over the semester.  So, a 3 credit hour internship would mean that you work 96 hours over the semester (approximately 6 hours per week during a 16 week semester).

You can take CCS 4890 any semester--Fall, Spring, or Summer.

For your internship, you will have a site supervisor which is a person who works at the place you’re completing your internship.  You will also work with a faculty member in the School who will ultimately be the person who assigns your grade for the course. The site supervisor will complete midterm and final evaluations on your work, which will inform the faculty instructor in the School how you are performing.

The Director of Undergraduate Studies in the School will help you set up the internship; however, the default instructor will be the Director/Chair of your area in the School.  For example, if you are a Popular Culture major, your instructor will be the Chair of Popular Culture.  There are situations in which another faculty member in the School may choose to be your instructor, but by default the instructor is the Chair/Director.

In addition to the work at the internship site, you will be expected to:

  • Participate in weekly discussion on canvas with your instructor(s) and other students taking CCS 4890
  • Complete a site agreement with your site supervisor
  • Complete a midterm self-assessment
  • Meet your instructor to discuss the site supervisor’s midterm assessment
  • Complete a final self-assessment
  • Final 5-7 page reflection paper

Yes, internships can be paid or unpaid.  Typically, internships are unpaid.

The Director of Undergraduate Studies can help you find a suitable internship site.  You can intern anywhere in the world, and in any field. Doing some research on nonprofits in the area you want to do your internship is a great way to start.

An application is required for internships.  The application can be completed online.

Updated: 09/15/2021 02:41PM