Service Animal Policy

Service Animal and ESA exercise yard

Accessibility Services has a fenced in yard available to students with service dogs and emotional support animals. Please see the guidelines below:

  • This yard is reserved for Service Dogs and Emotional Support Animals.
  • This yard is reserved for BGSU students.
  • Nothing may be hung on the trees as they are young trees. Please help them grow. 
  • Animals must be monitored at all times; they must never be left alone. 
  • Students may be taking exams therefore excessive noise will not be permitted as extreme vocalizing would be distracting.
  • Animals must be up to date with their vaccinations and parasite free. 
  • Be sure to clean up after the animal and dispose of it in the proper receptacle.
  • If the yard is in use upon your arrival, you must be granted permission prior to entering with your animal. Not all animals or people are comfortable with other animals. 
  • If your animal is not a Service Dog or an Emotional Support Animal but you are a BGSU student, you may still use this yard until such time as it is too busy to continue to honor this request.
  • Enjoy and let us know of any problem in the yard or with the equipment.

Click to print the Guidelines Agreement Form.  Please submit the completed form to Accessibility Services. 

Updated: 01/16/2024 04:51PM