National Test Center

*UPDATE - BGSU is currently not offering ACT, GRE Subject, CLEP or MAT examinations. The ACT and GRE exams scheduled for September and October 2020 have been cancelled. The December 2020 ACT test administration is pending. The ACT-R will be available starting November 1, 2020. Please call our office to schedule an appointment.

Testing Information

The Test Center at BGSU provides test administration by appointment for the ACT-Residual, CLEP and MAT examinations. Appointment times are available Monday through Friday when the University is open. To schedule an appointment please call the office at 419-372-8495 two weeks prior to your anticipated test date.  

BGSU also serves as a testing site for the ACT and GRE Subject Tests.  The ACT and GRE Subject Tests are offered on designated dates as assigned by the testing companies. Registration can be completed through the testing company.  

ACT information can be found at

GRE Subject Test information can be found at