Faculty and Staff

Faculty member assisting students in a classroom

Ensuring equal access to college courses, programs, and events is a shared responsibility. Thank you for your assistance in providing equal educational access to students with disabilities.


Students who are registered for services are required to meet with their faculty at the beginning of each semester to share a Student Accommodation Form and discuss approved accommodations. If you have any questions about a student's accommodations, please contact our office.

Students eligible for exam accommodations must follow the steps pertaining to their campus enrollment: Proctored Testing - BG Campus or Proctored Testing - Firelands Campus.

BG Campus faculty are required to use the Proctored Testing Information sheet when sending exams to our office. Exams must be submitted to our office at least 2 days in advance of the exam administration.

We proctor students' exams using video monitoring. If we observe any questionable behavior, a copy of the video is sent to the faculty member and college office staff designated to handle academic honesty concerns.

Students who request accommodations without an accommodation form need to be referred to our office to start the process of registering for services.

To assist students with disabilities in finding our office, please provide a statement similar to the following on your course syllabus:

Accessibility Services provides equal access and reasonable accommodations to students with disabilities attending BGSU. Students wishing to discuss their eligibility for such accommodations are encouraged to contact the office at phone: 419-372-8495, fax: 419-372-8496, or email: access@bgsu.edu.

OOD would appreciate if you would add the following statement to your syllabus in order to bring awareness to this new program on campus:

Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD) is a state agency that helps people reach their vocational goals. College students with disabilities can apply for services now to help them prepare for their future career. There are a variety of services depending on the person’s need including rehab tech, career counseling, and support finding internships. OOD helps students with various types of disabilities including physical disabilities, chronic health conditions, mental health illnesses and learning and sensory disabilities. If you suspect you have a disability but have never received an official diagnosis, OOD can help you with the needed assessments so that you can access the services you need to succeed.

BGSU has an OOD employee on site. Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, Jennifer Murray Cosgrove, is located at 38 College Park Office Building with Accessibility Services. If you have questions or would like to apply for services, you can reach her by email, jcosgro@bgsu.edu or jennifer.cosgrove@ood.ohio.gov, or by phone, 419-277-6754.

For additional information on working with students with disabilities, please see the video and handout below: