About the Center

Center for Women and Gender Equity 2021

Because the world needs teachers and thinkers, entrepreneurs and creators, leaders and visionaries, risk takers and dreamers for gender justice…Since 1998, CWGE has worked continuously to bring visibility to issues affecting women on campus by facilitating access to resources relevant to women's issues, promoting the integration of women's issues into the campus culture and discourse, and advocating for the removal of barriers that inhibit the full participation of women in the University community. Going forward CWGE honors this legacy and works towards its contemporary vision by supporting its mission with programing and services that advance the understanding and potential for gender equity. The CWGE does this by providing support for students, staff, faculty, and community partners of BGSU through programing and services that build community, celebrate excellence, and activate potential.

You can learn more about the Center from our 20th Anniversary exhibit at the library.  


The Center for Women and Gender Equity (CWGE) envisions a community at BGSU and in Ohio, the nation, and the world where individuals of all gender identities have the access, opportunity, and resources to determine the course of their own lives.


The mission of CWGE is to support students, staff, faculty, and community partners of BGSU with programs and services that advance the understanding of and potential for gender equity.

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Learning Outcomes & Our Approach

The Center for Women and Gender Equity acknowledges that we are an educational and co-curricular space. Therefore, our approach to the programs, events, and services we offer are shaped by our approach to teaching and learning. Specifically, our approach is guided by a feminist lens that is intended to facilitate a process for the members of our community to become intentional learners, engaged citizens, and social change leaders for gender equity in higher education and beyond. While developing skills in analysis, critical thinking, communication, problem solving, engagement, leadership, and teamwork, our intended learning outcomes are driven not only by feminism and gender equity but also by social justice and critical consciousness. We seek to:

  • Provide representation of diverse women and other individuals with marginalized gender identities
  • Create a redistribution of resources for gender equity in education
  • Increase self-awareness and understanding of individuals gender identity as it intersects with other identities
  • Increase awareness and understanding of other identities and experience as they interact with social issues
  • Develop the skills, knowledge, and efficacy to create positive social change

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