Public Safety

Bowling Green State University is committed to providing a safe and secure campus. The BGSU Department of Public Safety provides the campus with 24-hour police protection by a fully certified staff of police officers, detectives and dispatchers. The department provides law enforcement, emergency management, security, shuttle service, campus escort service, educational programs and crime prevention information, and regulates parking and traffic.

This information is provided by the Department of Public Safety as part of Bowling Green State University’s commitment to campus safety and security and in compliance with the Title II Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act of 1990.

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The BGSU Police Department is committed to promoting a safe and secure campus that demonstrates openness, trust, honesty, integrity and respect for differences in ideas, people and lifestyles.

BGSU Police actively investigate problems and incidents and search for positive solutions to support a sense of security throughout the campus. BGSU maintains an open campus environment and encourages the community to participate in activities that are open to the public. However, the University reserves the right to restrict unauthorized persons from its grounds when appropriate.

The department is staffed by police officers who have full police authority, meet all state law enforcement standards, and are state certified. The Ohio Revised Code (Section 3345.04) grants the University authority to designate employees as police officers who take an oath to uphold the rules of the institution and laws of the state.

Uniformed officers patrol the campus using marked police cars, bicycles and foot patrols, and are empowered to arrest any offender and bring that person before the local court system for judgment. The Office of the Dean of Students is responsible for student conduct proceedings. The BGSU Police Department and the Office of the Dean of Students work collaboratively to resolve incidents of student misconduct that involve University policy and procedures.

The BGSU Police Department encourages accurate and prompt reporting of all crime. We investigate incidents of a criminal nature and initiate, before a court of law, any required legal action. If needed, assistance is available from Bowling Green City Police, Wood County Sheriff’s Department, Ohio State Highway Patrol, Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The BGSU Police Department has a mutual aid agreement with the City of Bowling Green Police Division. It has joint mutual aid agreements with all other state university police departments in Ohio, and with law enforcement agencies in NW Ohio.

In addition to the sworn police officers in the BGSU Police Department, the Department of Public Safety employs a student safety services staff that provides services for the University community. The members of this unit do not have statutory arrest powers, but work to assist police with security matters.




On Campus

The BGSU Police Department, 100 College Park, is accessible 24 hours a day to receive information or to provide officer assistance. Criminal activity or emergencies (fire or medical) may be reported by dialing 911 or 2-2346 from any University phone. There are numerous blue light emergency phones located throughout campus. Emergency phones ring directly into the BGSU Police Department on campus.


Off Campus

Any criminal activity taking place off campus, in the city of Bowling Green, can be reported 24 hours a day to Bowling Green City Police, 175 W. Wooster Street, by dialing 911 or 419-352-2571. Dialing 911 from any off campus phone will put you in contact with a Wood County 911 dispatcher. Incidents that occur outside Bowling Green city limits, in Wood County, can be reported to the Wood County Sheriff’s Department, 1960 E. Gypsy Lane, or by phoning 419-354-9001.


The following guidelines may assist you when reporting information to police:

>         When describing suspects, notice age, race, sex, height, weight and clothing. Compare your own weight and height to that of the suspect(s).

>         Notice unique characteristics—scars, eyes, jewelry, walk, speech or anything else that would help to identify the suspect.

>         When describing a suspicious vehicle, look for the license plate numbers, make, model, color, noticeable damage, decals and the direction of travel.

>         When in doubt, call the police.

We encourage everyone to take responsibility for the safety and security of themselves and others. We promote the crime prevention message through campus programs and literature distribution. We believe that publicizing crime and campus safety information helps make this campus safer. Timely warning reports of serious crimes, such as murder, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, motor vehicle theft and rape, are provided to the campus community. These crimes are reported to the campus community using “Crime Alert” bulletins, the web site (, email and text message alerts, the student newspaper, campus radio, campus television station, local news media and/or other mailings. “Crime Alert” bulletins can be found posted on the BGSU Department of Public Safety web site (

Timely Warnings

When the BGSU Police determine that a crime represents a serious or continuing threat to students and employees, they will use the Crime Alert as a vehicle to make timely warnings to the campus community. The purpose of a timely warning is to provide information that will aid in the prevention of similar crimes by enabling people to protect themselves. Timely warnings will be issued as soon as the pertinent information is available. If the BGSU Police determine there is a serious or continuing threat, federal law requires BGSU to issue timely warnings for serious crimes such as murder, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, motor vehicle theft, rape and certain hate crimes if the crime occurred on campus, on property owned or controlled by the university, or on public property that is immediately adjacent to campus such as streets and sidewalks that border campus. Though not required by the Clery Act, BGSU Police may at times also issue timely warnings for other types of crime if they pose an ongoing threat to the campus community. The BGSU Director of Public Safety or his/her designee will determine on a case by case basis whether a timely warning will be issued via a Crime Alert. At BGSU Firelands, warnings are issued by the Dean or the Director, Budget and Operations, in consultation with the Erie County Sheriff's Office and the BGSU Director of Public Safety.

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