Karen V. Root, Ph.D., Department of Biological Sciences

My primary research focus is the conservation of biodiversity, particularly conservation ecology and management. This research combines fieldwork with the application of quantitative techniques such as GIS and risk assessment. Our research projects focus on a variety of organisms and scales and primarily take place in the Oak Openings Region near Toledo, which is a biodiversity hotspot. Current projects in my lab focus on the ecology and conservation of vertebrates (e.g., reptiles, amphibians, birds, and mammals), invertebrates (e.g., butterflies) and rare plant species. In addition to assisting myself and graduate students involved in these projects, the participant will be given the opportunity to develop their own independent research project. So, if you enjoy working outside and want to get some field experience, contact me for more information.

For more detailed descriptions of research projects in the Root lab, click here.

429E Life Sciences, BGSU

SETGO Summer Research

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