Arthur S. Brecher, Ph.D., Department of Chemistry

My group is involved in the study of the effects of neuroactive peptides, hormones and drugs on the renin angiotensin (hypertension) system, hemostasis, and alcoholism. Our most recent studies have identified significant new links between these three dynamic areas. Undergraduate researchers have played a substantial role in this work and are co-authors on the resulting publications. I encourage young scientists with a positive attitude to their work, and life in general, to join me in this exciting research area. SETGO participants will work directly with me to gain hands-on experience in the chemistry lab, follow research questions through from inception to publication in peer-reviewed journals, and present their findings at local and national conferences. Over the years I have worked with 25 Summer REU and undergraduate research students, netting 34 publications.
210 Physical Sci Lab Bld

SETGO Summer Research

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