Understand the Basics

There are other components to consider during your schedule planning. Below you will learn more about the different instruction modes for classes, requirements that might be enforced before you can take certain classes and the impact of scheduling your classes after your registration date. 

Understanding Prerequisites

A prerequisite is something that must be completed or a condition that must be met before you can register for a class.

Example: STAT 2120—You must have passed STAT 2110 or be currently registered for the course. Some courses might require the prior completion of another, lower level course while others might require you to be in a certain major or class standing. Not all courses have prerequisites.

The registration system checks to see if a prerequisite exists for a course and will not let you register unless you have completed the prerequisite. You will receive the following error message: "You have not met the prerequisites for this course. See the department for assistance." Not all prerequisites, however, are coded in the registration system. Verify, using the Browse Catalog, that you have met all the prerequisites prior to enrolling in classes. If you get registered for a course without having met the prerequisite, the department or faculty member will ask you to drop the class.

Yes. But if you drop or fail the first course, you will need to drop the second course.

The academic department that offers the course can explain the course's prerequisite. The detailed information you can find for each course by using the web-based schedule of classes includes the department's address and telephone number. Click here to access the online schedule of classes.

Course Instruction Modes

Course instruction mode is how BGSU defines how a classes will be taught. While building your schedule and looking for classes, it is important to narrow your search using the “Instruction Mode” drop-down menu if you only want to enroll in courses based on how they will be taught. 

Learn more about instruction modes

Late Registration

After the term begins, late registrations are restricted by available class space and are subject to late registration and late payment fees. A late registration fee begins the eighth calendar day of classes. In addition, no student entering after the close of the first week of a term is permitted to carry a full program of courses without permission of the dean of the college in which they are enrolled.

If you have any questions or need further information, email us at registrar@bgsu.edu.


Updated: 02/21/2023 09:35AM