Check Your Holds

If you are a first year student, you will be required to meet with your Academic Advisor and Planner (advisor) prior to registering your classes. Please review the advising step of the registration checklist to learn more about this process before your class registration date.

There are many other reasons why you could have a hold on your account so it's very important you check your holds prior to your class registration date.


If you have a hold on your account, you will not be able to register for classes.

How to check your holds:

1. Log in to MyBGSU & click on the 'Student Center' card

2. Look at the 'Action Items' tile

No hold listed under action items

This means you do not have a hold and the class registration system will open for you in accordance with the Class Enrollment Calendar

Hold listed under action items

This means you will not be able to register for classes until the hold has been lifted.* Go to step 3 to learn how to remove your hold.

* STUDENT ATHLETES: If you see an athletic hold on your account, it will not prevent you from registering for classes. This is a different type of hold that prevents you from being able to drop a course without speaking to your athletic advisor. Please contact your Student-Athlete Services Academic Coordinator or Meghan Horn if you are unsure who your coordinator is.

3. Click the 'Action Items' tile and select 'Holds' on the left-hand navigation to see what type of hold is on your account.

Service is suspended hold

Please contact our office for further assistance at
419-372-8441 or

All other holds

Read more about the hold listed on your account and follow the instructions provided.

Updated: 02/21/2023 09:46AM