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Welcome to the Summer Camp Experiences resource page! Below you will find more in-depth information about your selected summer camp experience. Please check out the first two short video clips detailing more about BGSU and the renowned Life Design program. Then from the selection below, select the tab that aligns with the camp you are applying too. Under each camp's tab you will find more information, resources, and opportunities about how BGSU can assist you in acheiving you career goals. 

About BGSU

Life Design

Dive into the world of Cyber Security with the BGSU Computer Science degree! Check out the links below for more information.

Computer Science - Digital Forensics Program

Find out all about the BGSU Forensic Science Program by visiting the following websites below and taking time to watch the linked videos. 

Forensic Science Residential Learning Community

Center for the Future of Forensic Science

If you are interested in careers in the health sciences BGSU has many opportunities for you to explore your interests. There are four specific camp opportunities to help you explore more about careers in several health science fields. Fields such as Nursing, Dentistry, Radiology, Gerontology, Medical Lab Science and more. 

Below you will find a drop down link with more information pertaining to each one of the camps. Please explore the resources and websites to better answer your camp application questions. 

Residential Learning Community

Pre-Professional Programs

Explore more by visiting the following websites to learn about the Pre-Professional Program Office 

Pre-Professional Program Office

School of Nursing Facility

Learn more about the BGSU Nursing Program here: Click Here

Nursing Program

Visit the College of Health & Human Services Website to learn all about the programs available.

Camp Specific Programs Include: 

  • Undecided in Health & Human Services 
  • Dietetics
  • Medical Laboratory Sciences 
  • Communication Disorders
  • Criminal Justice
  • Gerontology
  • Nutrition Sciences 
  • Allied Health 

Explore more by visiting the following websites and watch the linked videos to learn all about BGSU's Marine & Aquatic Biology Programs: 

Marine & Aquatic Biology

Marine Lab

Roger's Report: Marine Lab

Marine Lab Virtual Tour

Marine Research Opportunities

Explore more by visiting the following websites to learn about Pre-Veterinary Opportunities at BGSU

Center for Undergraduate Research


See the snake ODOT

Pre-Professional Program Office

Pre-Professional Programs

Center for Undergraduate Research

Herpetarium Lab

Residential Learning Community

Media Communications

Explore more by visiting the following websites to learn about BGSU's  Media and Communication Programs 

Media and Communications

 Student Media Organizations 

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