The Planning Process

The planning phase of a project is intended to define the overall scope and cost of a project, not to work out specific design details or construction methods. Proper planning takes time.

  • The Project Request Form is now completed and submitted online.
  • Once received, Campus Planning will forward your Request to your Department Chair, Dean and/or Vice President (and Provost if applicable) to obtain the electronic approvals necessary to proceed with the planning/programming of your project. To avoid delays, please make sure that they are aware of your Project Request prior to submitting.
  • Campus Planning will set up a meeting with the Department Head and other appropriate stakeholders to identify the proposed project's requirements, considerations, and challenges. On larger projects (or projects of multiple complexity), a Feasibility Study may be required to fully and accurately determine the project scope, cost and schedule.
  • The Project Request Form is then updated with the final scope, budget estimate, funding source and estimated project schedule. Once complete, it will be sent electronically to your Dean and/or Vice President (and Provost if applicable) for approvals to proceed with construction, and finally to the VP of Finance and Administration for final approval. Please note that all projects costing $1,000,000 and over must also be approved by the Board of Trustees.
  • Upon final approval, a project manager from Planning, Design & Construction is assigned and Project implementation begins. Implementation on locally funded projects cannot commence until the funding has been transferred into a Project Account.

Updated: 05/26/2022 09:12AM