Challenges to Scope, Schedule, and Cost

Following are items that can potentially delay (and add cost to) the planning, design, and construction phases of a project:

  • State mandates and procedures for construction projects
  • Poor Planning/Unclear goals
  • Lack of or delay in Funding
  • Indecision
  • Changes to the scope of work
  • Scope creep
  • Untimely feedback/ Misinformation
  • Project not aligned with Master Plan
  • Unrealistic timeline
  • Current workload PDC office
  • Scope requires Engineer be hired for preliminary design services
  • Lack of proper space/New Space Allocation
  • Additional space requirements to relocate site occupants for construction
  • Project timing does not align with academic calendar (access to space)
  • Code Issues
  • Latent Conditions
  • Prohibitive Abatement costs
  • Infrastructure limitations
  • Long lead time items
  • Noise and dust
  • Excessive Fumes
  • Weather
  • Health & Safety Issues

Updated: 05/26/2022 09:10AM